Best summer ’17 memories

The summer has reached its end and I can’t believe how fast it want by. It’s crazy. So I thought that I would quickly sum it all up and show you some of my best memories that I have of this summer. No long talk, let’s get into it!

All of these were taken on my trip to Poland and with some of the most amazing people I met there. The first one marks my first plane ride all on my own, I was so anxious but also excited for it. I remember how I got to the airport at the last minute. I thought that I was really late. I was supposed to be up at 4.30 and in the airport at 4.50 to have some extra time, just in case. But instead I woke up at 5 in the morning. I got ready in 5 minutes and grabbed my breakfast on the way. But I still made it in time (and had to wait for over 10 min to get on the plane, and then another 15 min sat on the plane before it took off).

Second and forth one were taken in Warsaw when we had hours to spend in the city. The second one was when we got a little bored and just started to take some photos of each other (I am there with Anastasia, another girl from the estonian group and whom I got quite close to). We were discovering the old town and having lunch in a quite traditional Polish restaurant before heading back to get our luggage and heading to Nieborow with rest of the group.

And the third one was taken in the middle of the polish youth exchange with my babes from Macedonia and the best guy from Romania. They were few of those who I got really close to. |09.-17.06.17 |

Those two photos were taken on a little event called Photowalk X VLND what was basically an event for photographers to discover some new interesting places in Viljandi (my hometown), take cool interesting photos of each other (or someone doing their magic) and to, also, get to know other photographers around this area. I had so much fun, and to be honest I got more comfortable shooting in public. In a sense that I get super self-conscious when I am photographing something/someone and when people are around. But I got over myself there haha. | 22.07.17 |


At a family picnic, holding my little baby cousin. She is the most adorable little one, but also the sassiest one haha. She’s such a princess.
For me, family is everything. And just sitting down in a quiet little place near the woods and a lake was just perfect. I got to spend time with relatives I hadn’t seen for a little while and it was so good to just spend some quality time with them. | 30.07.17 |

All taken on my latest Erasmus+ project in Laidze, Latvia.

First photo. On Latvian night where the people showed us old Latvian traditions. Which one of them was to put honey in a fire. On the second photo there is our favorite cat from the trip – we named him Simba – who always followed us around.

The third and fourth photo are taken in the first official day of the project during/between some bonding games with some awesome people from the estonian team. 🙂 | 06.-14.08.17 |

These were taken for an article for a local online magazine VLND and I had the pleasure to photograph the IX dance and song festival for people with special needs. It was so heartwarming to see so many people full of love and joy even though the weather wasn’t on our side at all times. They danced and sang through the rain and not once complained. When I left the event I was so happy and excited that it was ME whose photos of this amazing event, were published and seen by so many people. | 26.08.17 |

So, these were some of the brightest but there were so many good ones that this would go on and on for ever. I had a really good time travelling around, spending time with some old friends but also with friends I made during my time abroad. Right at this moment, I couldn’t imagine my life without them. It was a summer full of laughter, happiness, the ups and the downs. But it was definitely a good one.


Magic of Purple

Hello! The long waited post is finally here! I got the photos a while back actually but WordPress has been playing with me because for some reason the photos had a terrible quality each time I have tried to upload them here. And yes, They look absolutely beautiful and high quality everywhere else.

But here are some of my favorite photos from my photoshoot. Enjoy and let me know what do you think of this new and totally different hairstyle!

Photographer: Ako Lehemets

Heihopsti! Ja ongi see kauaoodatud postitus teie ees! Ma sain pildid juba pĂ€ris tĂŒkk aega tagasi, aga kuna mina ja WordPress pole viimasel ajal just kĂ”ige paremini lĂ€bi saanud siis oli pisike probleem – nimelt iga kord kui ĂŒritasin neid pilte siia ĂŒles panna, siis kvaliteet oli nii halb, et ma lihtsalt ei suutnud veenda ennast neid ĂŒles panema. Ning jah, pildid on muidu super kvaliteediga nii et viga peab kuskil siin leiduma. Iseasi, aga kus siis ikkagi tĂ€psemalt.

Igastahes, siin on siis mÔned minu lemmikud pildid, mis nÀdala eest tehtud said. Anna teada kuidas pildid meeldivad ning ka mis arvad sellest uuest ja totaalselt teistsugusest soengust!

Fotograaf: Ako Lehemets


Changing from blonde & long

Hello again! I promise that over the summer I will try and keep up the consistency because right now  it’s.. well, let’s just say that it could be a lot more better.

Anyway, I am not sure how many of you follow me on my Instagram (but if not, then hello, what are you even doing with your life?? haha just kidding :D) then you might have seen a little change from my story. As it’s not really a secret then I am going to say it out loud – I cut my hair (again) and colored it purple-brownish (can’t wait until you see the result, but there’s multiple days until the full reveal :D).

So for that, I went for a little shoot with my babe before I changed my hair on the 26th June, because well, simply said, I didn’t have many photos of myself. Last ones were taken in December (that I reaaallly loved). So it was about time I got some new fresh shots before cutting and coloring them. And here are some of my favorites. Enjoy!

Ps! To see more photos, go and follow my Instagram. I usually post there (and to the Insta stories) everything before so you can get all the sneak peeks and news there 😉

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Tere taas! Ma luban, et ĂŒritan suve jooksul rohkem siia kirjutada ning pilte riputada, kui olen seda siiamaani teinud, kuna hetkel on see, noh.. ilusti öeldes, vĂ”iks ma endast siin rohkem mĂ€rku anda. 😀

Igastahes, ma pole kidel kui paljud teist jĂ€lgivad mind ka instagrammis (kui sa seda juba ei tee siis, mida sa ĂŒldse oma eluga teed?? haha nali-nali :D), aga kes jĂ€lgivad, siis vĂ”isite juba nĂ€ha story’s minu pisikest muutust. Kuna see enam sedavĂ”rd saladus pole siis, mis mĂ”tet on siin keerutada – mĂ”ned pĂ€evad tagasi lĂ”ikasin oma pikad blondid juuksed maha ning vĂ€rvisin need lillakas pruuniks. Ma ei jĂ”ua juba oodata, kuni te nĂ€ete ka uusi pilte nendega sest need nĂ€evad nii lahedad vĂ€lja, ma olen ise vĂ€ga rahul (kuigi mĂ”ned arvavad, et ma olen natuke hulluks lĂ€inud :D).

Kuigi kui aus olla siis pole pilte veel tegemagi lÀinud, aga ma olen lihtsalt ise ka juba nii elevil, plaan on minna juba neljapÀeval tegema nii et ehk saab nÀdala lÔpuks kÀtte ja saate siis tulemust oma kogu hiilguses nÀha.

Aga enne kui oma blondid kiharad maha lĂ”ikasin ning Ă€ra vĂ€rvisin siis lĂ€ksin ja tegin sĂ”brannaga veel viimased pildid pikkade juustega. Ning mĂ”tlesin oma lemmikuid siis ka teiega jagada. Okei, aitab juba jutust, nautige! 🙂

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Photography Talk

I feel like I haven’t talked much about why or when I started photography, you just kind of saw it come up in blog just out of the blue. But it’s a really big part of my life and it’s something that I want to share with the world. It’s my form of art.

Ma tunnen, et ma rÀÀgin selles pisikeses blogipesas ĂŒsna palju oma elust ja sellega seonduvatest mĂ”tetest, kuid ma pole kunagi seletanud kuidas ma hakkasin fotograafiaga tegelema ja ĂŒldse miks. See lihtsalt ĂŒhel pĂ€eval ilmus siia nagu puhtast Ă”hust. VĂ”i noh tegelikult mitte tĂ€ielikult, aga noh, saate ju aru 😀
Kuid fotograafial on praegusel hetkel minu elus ĂŒsnagi suur roll niiet ma tahan seda jagada teiega. Enda kunstivormi, midagi mis kuulub ainult mulle.


Why? As you already know, I am quite an artsy person but getting the inspiration to draw is not the same as it used to be when I was younger. And dance, well, I love it but it’s not my art. It’s someone else’s creation, not mine. But I want to create something that is truly and only mine. No one else’s. I can create and develop the image I have in my mind, the images and creations that come to me.

Miks? Kui oled mind juba natuke pikemalt jĂ€lginud siis ilmselt tead juba, et ma olen ĂŒrna kunstiline inimene, kuid kahjuks pole mul viimasel ajal olnud absoluutselt mitte mingit inspriratsiooni joonistamise jaoks vĂ”rreldes sellega, mis see kunagi oli. Ning tantsimisega on lugu nii, et see pole minu loodud kunst. See on kellegi teise kujutlus ja visioon, mitte minu. Kuid ma tahan luua midagi, mis on ainult minu ning loodud minu nĂ€gemuse jĂ€rgi.


When? I really liked taking photos and making videos even when I was younger, just for fun with my friends. But then life got into the way and I sort of lost my passion for it until last year when I attended in a media camp where I and a group of other young creatives made our own news show. There was also a group of radio and blog people but I was in a television group. And I loved it there. I got my passion back. I got back what I loved and learned to be better. After the camp I just took photos with my phone as I didn’t have a proper working camera but as for my birthday and graduation gift I got my first DSLR camera 3 months later. I couldn’t be more happier. And after that I started learned everything about my camera and how to work with it to create what I have in my mind. And about six months later aka today, I am still learning. I am learning to be better and be my own creative mind.

Millal? Mulle on alati meeldinud teha pilte ja filmida, lihtslt lĂ”bu pĂ€rast koos sĂ”pradega. Kuid kuna tuli teisi asju ette siis see kirg fotograafia vastu kadus lihtsalt kuidagi Ă€ra. Kuid see tuli tagasi, kui osalesin ĂŒhes multimeedia laagris möödunud aprillis. See oli koht kus koos teiste noorte loojatega pidime kĂ”igest 2 pĂ€evaga suutma teha oma uudistesaate ehk siis kavandama ning vĂ€lja mĂ”tlema lood, valima vĂ€lja neist parimad, filmida ning lĂ”puks ka monteerida kĂ”ik kokku. Ning ma leidsin taas selle pisiku nii fotograafia kui ka filmiduse vastu (niivĂ”rd-kuivĂ”rd vĂ”ib minu pisikesi videojuppe nimetada just filmiduseks, aga las see jÀÀb, see oli parim, mis ma selle aja kohta oskasin :D). Igastahes September oli lĂ”puks see aeg kui sain lĂ”puks oma esimese ihaldatud ning kauaoodatud peegelkaamera. Ning pĂ€rast seda olen lihtsalt Ă”ppinud ja katsetanud kĂ”ike ise – minu arust kĂ”ige parem Ă”ppimise viis. Kuid ma Ă”pin iga pĂ€evaga jĂ€rjest rohkem ning saan ka jĂ€rk-jĂ€rgult jĂ€rjest paremaks.


Since I don’t want to make this post too long I am going to stop here for today. But be sure to let me know if you want part 2 or 3 where I share my tips, what I have learned so far and how to get the most out of your gear. 🙂

Igastahes, kuna ma ei taha seda postitust ajada liiga pikaks siis ma panen siia nĂŒĂŒd pausi. 😀 Kuid kui tahate rohkem teada sellest kuidas midagi teha ning mingisuguseid nippe teada saada siis andke teada ja tulevad ka jĂ€rgmised osad sellele postitusele. 🙂

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Life as a dancer

Dance. It’s something that has had a huge impact on my life yet I haven’t talked about it much in here. But I think it’s finally time to talk more about it.

Those who know me, know that I have been involved with dance since I was a little girl. I started with gymnastics, went on to learn more about show dance and ended up with street dance. They all made an impact on me and made me the way I am. It has taught me to be more patient, to work hard for what I want and to dream big.

It formed my personality and it has made me more confident. Because it takes a lot of confidence to step up on that stage, perform, show your emotions and give your absolute everything. Just before I get up on that stage, I feel major jiggles on my stomach but it makes me feel alive.

But when the room goes dark and just seconds before the music starts, I feel the spotlight, I feel that all the hours I have spent practising and working for that one moment, that it was all worth it. That all the pain and the tears were worth it in the end. And you can’t imagine how all this happiness bursts out and the tears and shakes start to happen when you get the result you have hoped for so long. It feels unreal. It feels like it isn’t even happening to me.

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Tants. Miski, mis mĂ”jutab mu elu suurel hulgal, kuid millest pole siin peaaegu et ĂŒldse rÀÀkinud. Aga viimaks on aeg, vĂ”i mis te arvate?

Need, kes mind isiklikult tunnevad, teavad, et ma olen tanntsimisega tegelenud juba vĂ€iksest saati. Alustasin kĂŒll tĂ€iesti teistsuguse stiiliga, aga unustanud ma seda sellegi poolest pole ehk siis kĂ”igepealt hakkasin tegelema iluvĂ”imlemisega, edasi Ă”ppisin show-tantsu ning lĂ”puks olen jĂ”udnud tĂ€navatantsuni vĂ€lja. Iga periood kui tegelesin nende erinevate stiilidega erinevates stuudiotes, on jĂ€tnud oma jĂ€lje.

Need kĂ”ik on mĂ”jutanud mu elu erinevatel aegadel ja teinud mind sellisekss nagu ma olen praegu. Need Ă”petasid mulle suuremat kannatlikust, töötama selle nimel mida ma tahan ja unistama suurelt. Tantsimine on mulle andunud ja Ă”petanud nii palju. See on andnud mulle enesekindlust, rÔÔmu, tahet pĂŒĂŒelda kĂ”rgemale ja teinud mind tugevamaks. Ja seda kĂ”ike on vaja kui sa astud lavale.

Kui sa astud sellele lavale, esitad kogu oma viimaste kuude töö selle lĂŒhikese kolme minuti jooksul, kui annad endast kĂ”ik, et teha oma suurimad unistused teoks. Ja kĂ”igest sekundid pimeduses enne seda kui muusika mĂ€ngima lĂ€heb, tunnen, et kogu see töö ja vaev oli lĂ”puks seda vÀÀrt. Ja kĂ”ige parem, uskumatum ja emotsionaalsem moment on see kui, saad tulemuse, mide oled nii kaua oodanud ning mille nimel tööd teinud. See on kĂ”ige uskumatum tunne maailmas.

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Snowy Days

Hello again! I know it’s been A WHILE since I last wrote anything in here but if you have been following me all over social media then you would know why I was away so long.

To cut a long-ish story shorter, I needed to take some time off to focus more on my schoolwork and also photography – it’s something that relaxes me and let’s my creative juices go wild haha. But yeah, I am super happy to be back and I though what a better way to start again is to show you what I have been up to recently so there will be TONS of photography posts coming up!

PS! If you always want to see the photos before they end up here or to keep up with my life then follow me on instagram as I am the most active there at the moment 🙂

Tervist taas! Ma tean, et on möödunud juba LIIIIGA pikk aeg, kui viimati midagi siia kirjutasin, aga kui oled mind teistel sotsiaalmeedia kontodel jĂ€lginud, siis ilmselt juba tead, miks ma eemal olin.

LĂŒhemalt öeldes oli mul siis vaja natuke aega maha vĂ”tta, et keskenduda rohkem koolile ja fotograafiale – see on minu jaoks vĂ€ga rahustav ja laseb mul olla loovam. Aga jah, ma olen super Ă”nnelik, et saan jĂ€lle tagasi olla ning ma arvasin, et pole paremat viisi naaseda, kui nĂ€idata iga postitusega natuke rohkem, mille kallal ma olen viimasel ajal töötanud, niiet tulemas on ĂŒsnagi palju fotograafiaga seotud postitusi lĂ€hitulevikus tulemas!

PS! Kui tahad nĂ€ha pilte enne kui need siia jĂ”uavad (kui ĂŒldse jĂ”uavad) siis ole kindel, et jĂ€lgid mind ka instagramis, kuna olen seal viimasel ajal kĂ”ige aktiivsem olnud. 🙂

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Red on White

Hii! Okay a few months have passed since I last put up some photos of my baby and since the weather was on my side I got some beautiful shots of my little red fox. Anyway here are some of the photos I got to take and I must say that I love them, he’s such a photogenic dog and I swear that my camera loves him haha. 😀

Heii!! NĂŒĂŒdseks on juba pĂ€ris mitu kuud möödas kui viimati panin ĂŒles pilte oma nunnukast ja kuna ĂŒhel ilusal pĂ€eval otsustas ilm ka minu poolel olla siis klĂ”psisin mĂ”ned armsad pildid oma punasest rebasest. Igastahes siin on siis mĂ”ned minu lemmikumad pildid, mis ma Larsist sain. No ausalt ka, vaadake kui fotogeeniline koer ta on, see on tĂ€iesti uskumatu, kui armas ta mul ikka on. Ja ma vannun, et mu kaamera armastab teda. 😀

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Testing New Products: Essence Matte Red Lipstick

Hello everybody! Since it’s officially the month of Christmas, fairy lights and all things red and green I wanted to give you a little review of a Christmas time must-have aka a red lipstick. I have always been too scared to try out red lips as they are quite risky and not necessary everybody can pull them off, but this year I have wanted to step out of my comfort zone and try out new things. As I did a few months ago. If you are following me on my YouTube channel then you might have noticed that I firstly tried out red lips in late September or October, I am not even sure right now. But then I just used a lip liner to see if I would even wear it anywhere or if I would pull it off but since I now feel like it does fit me and gives me hell of a lot more confidence I got a real lipstick haha. I wanted the matte one because I don’t like these kind of too shiny or creamy ones. Okay, I am just going to stop the chit-chat and get on to the review.

Heii!! Kuna nĂŒĂŒd on amtlikult jĂ”ulu, jĂ”ulutulede ja loomulikult vĂ€rvii punane kuu siis ma tahan teile tutvustada ĂŒhte jĂ”uluaja must-have asja ehk punast huulepulka. Mina isiklikult olen alati pigem punastest huultest eemale hoidnud, kuna vĂ”isin juba ette ennustada kui palju mĂ€ssamist sellega on. Jaa loomulikult olin ka arvamusel, et ma ei suudaks seda iial vĂ€lja kanda. Kuid see aasta ma olen ĂŒldse tahtnud proovida teha asju, mis on mind varem hirmutanud. Ma tahsin kogu selle aasta jooksul ennast proovile panna ja vaadata, mis juhtub, ning siimaani on ainult hĂ€id asju juhtunud. NĂ€iteks see, et paar pĂ€eva tagasi möödus 10 kuud kui alustasin selle pisikese blogiga siin. Igastahes, nagu ma mainisin siis tahtsin ennast proovile panna ja proovida kanda ka punaseid huuli. KĂ”igepealt alsutasin sellega, et ostsin Essence’i huulelaineri, mida kasutasin huulepulga asemel. Ning peamiselt ainult YouTube’i videode jaoks. Linna ega kooli veel ei julgenud minna. Kuid tĂ€na tegin ma ka selle Ă€ra ehk siis rokkisin punaseid huuli koolis. Ma poleks kunagi arvanud, et lihtsalt punase vĂ€rvi kandmine vĂ”ib anda nii palju enesekindlust. Igastahes sellle loba jutuga lĂ”petan nĂŒĂŒd ja asume siis arvustuse juurde.

This is how the lipstick is described on the website. || See on kuidas on huulepulka kirjeldatud Essence’i kodulehel.

These new matte lipsticks easily glide over the lips with gorgeous, high impact color. The creamy texture gives you a long lasting matte finish without drying out the lips

Since it is a drugstore product the packaging is really simplistic matte cover. Although I would like if the color of the case would match to the lipstick’s actual color – the packaging is way more pink toned.

Kuna see on ĂŒks odavamaid brĂ€nde, mida tean kui asi puudutab meiki siis on teada, et vĂ€limus on ĂŒsna lihtne, mitte midagi uhket. Sellel on lihtne matt ĂŒmbris ning mulle meeldiks kui see oleks olnud sama vĂ€rvi, mis huulekas ise – hetkel on ĂŒmbris ikka palju roosakam kui huulepulk ise. 

The color that I chose is 06 and it has a really cheeky name – Kiss Me If You Can. As you can see then it’s really beautiful and rich deep red color but it does look lighter on the lips. At first I wanted to say that it’s too creamy to be a matte lipstick but as you apply it and wait for a minute or two and you can see that it actually dries up and looks pretty matte, I wasn’t expecting that at all. But since it is creamy it did keeps my lips hydrated and they didn’t really chip that much. I wanted to warn that every time you touch your lips it does stain so that’s a thing to look out. Also I know that this has nothing to do with the color but omg this smell so goood, I am not even exaggerating!

See vĂ€rv, mis ma valisin on 06 ja sellel on vĂ€ga huvitav nimi – Kiss Me If You Can (eesti keeles – suudle mind, kui saad). Nagu ka pildilt nĂ€ha on siis huulepulk ise on vĂ€ga ilus ja sellel on rikkalik tumedam punane toon, aga kui seda huultele kanda siis jÀÀb vĂ€rv heledam. Alguses olin ĂŒsna kindel, et see jÀÀb liiga kreemjaks, et olla matt huulpulk, kuid minuti vĂ”i kahe möödudes oli nĂ€ha, et vĂ€rv oli tĂ”esti mattiks lĂ€inud. Ning kuna see oli kreemja konsistensiga siis see ei tekitanud seda, et mu huuled oleks tunduvalt rohkem katki lĂ€inud (kuna mu huuled on tavaliselt mitte just kĂ”ige paremad ehk siis kipuvad eriti talve poole rohkem katki minema, siis polnud nĂ€ha neid pisikesi nahatĂŒkke, mis paratamatult ikka tekivad :D). Hoiatuseks mainin ka Ă€ra, et kuna see jÀÀb matt siis see ei tĂ€henda, et vĂ€rv ei kulu maha. Kulub ikka kĂŒll – iga kord kui huultele pihta minna siis jÀÀb vĂ€rviga ikka kokku. Ma tean, et sellel pole vĂ€rviga mingit pistmist, aga te ei kujuta ette kui hĂ€sti see lĂ”hnab!


I would say that if you look for a long-lasting lipstick then that’s not the one for you as you do have to re-apply it throughout the day at least two times for the color to stay beautiful and fresh-looking.

But overall I would still recommend it to anyone as it is really cheap (it costs 2.59 euros) and does such an amazing job even though it has minor downsides.

Ma ĂŒtleks, et kui sa otsid pikalt peal pĂŒsivat huulepulka siis kahjuks see siin pole vĂ€ga sinu jaoks. Seda peab pĂ€ev jooksul vĂ€hemalt kaks korda uuesti peale kandma, et vĂ€rv pĂŒsiks ilusa ja vĂ€rskena.

Aga selle miinustest hoolimata, ma soovitaks seda ikkagi kÔigile, kuna see teeb ome hinna kohta absoluutselt suurepÀrast tööd (see maksis ainult 2.59 eurot).

I hope that you enjoyed this a little more in-depth review of this lipstick and please let me know if you would like to see more posts like this. I am thinking of doing a review on L’Oreal True Match foundation so let me know if you would like to read my opinions about it. 🙂

Ma loodan, et teile meeldis selline rohkem sĂŒgavuti minev arvustus selle huuleka kohta ja ma oleks ĂŒlimalt tĂ€nulik kui te annaksite ka teada, et kas te sooviksite sarnaseid postitusi veel nĂ€ha. Ma olen mĂ”elnud teha sarnane postitus L’Oreal True Match jumestuskreemi kohta niiet andke teada, kui tahaksite ka lugeda minu arvamust selle toote kohta. 🙂

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The Holly Jolly Christmas Tag

Hello everyone! So since Christmas is just around the corner I thought that I would do this fun little tag to start off with my Christmas themed posts. Anyway, I have gathered up 13 questions that maybe also help you to get to know me a lot more better! 🙂

Heii! Kuna jĂ”ulud on peaaegu, et juba nurgataga siis ma tahtsin teha ĂŒhe lĂ”busa postituse, kus on 13 jĂ”uluteemalist kĂŒsimust. Ning selle postitusega alustan ma ka oma jĂ”uluteemalisi postitusi, kuna neid on ĂŒpriski palju ĂŒsna pea tulemas! 😉

1. Favorite Christmas movie?  || Lemmik jĂ”ulufilm?
12 Dates of Christmas, I watched it either last year or a year before that and I freaking love it and the storyline is so so good. || 12 Dates of Christmas, ma vaatasin seda kas eelmine vĂ”i ĂŒleeelmine aasta, aga ma armastan seda filmi, see on lihtsalt nii hea ja armas lugu.

2. Have you ever had a White Christmas? || Kas sul on kunagi olnud valgeid jĂ”ule?
Almost every single year haha 😀 || Peaaegu iga aasta Ă”nneks 😀

3. Do you start Christmas shopping on Black Friday or wait until the last minute? || Kas sa alustad oma sisseostude tegemisega musta reedel vĂ”i jĂ€tad selle viimasele hetkele?
Somewhere in between, I usually do it in the middle of December || Kuskil nende kahe vahepeal, tavaliselt alustan kuskil detsembri keskpaigas.

4. If you could be in any Christmas movie what would it be? || Kui sa saaksid olla ĂŒhes jĂ”ulufilmis siis mis see oleks?
Polar Express, who wouldn’t want to go to that place, it’s like a winter wonderland. || Polaarekspress, sest kes ei tahaks minna sinna, see on nagu talve vĂ”lumaa.

5. Name all Santa’s raindeers. || Nimeta kĂ”ik jĂ”uluvana pĂ”hjapĂ”drad.
Dancer, Rudolf, Comet, Vixon, Cupid, Blitzen, Donner, Prancer, Dasher. I admit that I had to look at least half of these up, I honestly didn’t know all the names haha || Dancer, Rudolf, Comet, Vixon, Cupid, Blitzen, Donner, Prancer, Dasher. Ma pean ausalt tunnistama, et ma pidin vĂ€hemalt pooled neist netist ĂŒles otsima, kuna ma teadnuki neid. 😀

6. When does your family put up your Christmas tree and who decorates it? || Millal sinu pere paneb kuuse ĂŒles ja kes seda kaunistab?
Usually in somewhere in the middle of December. Me and my mom, my sister and dad are not that interested in that haha 😀 || Tavaliselt kuskil ikkagi detsembri keskpaiga poole. Mina ja mu ema, mu Ă”de ja isa pole sellest vĂ€ga huvitatud 😀

7. Is your Christmas tree real or fake? || Kas sul on kuntskuusk vĂ”i pĂ€ris kuusk?
I used to have fake one since I was little but since 2014 we have a real one because now we have room for it.I couldn’t imagine going back to the fake tree as the real one gives me the right Christmas feeling. 🙂 || Üleskasvades oli mul peaaegu alati kunstkuusk, kuna lihtsalt polnud ruumi pĂ€ris kuuse jaoks. Aga alates aastast 2014 on meil kodus ikka olnud pĂ€ris kuusk, kuna minu jaoks annab see ikka Ă”ige jĂ”ulutunde. 🙂

8. Peeking at gifts or to be surprised? || Piiluda kingipakkidesse vĂ”i olla ĂŒllatunud?
To be surprised. Yes I do have the urge to peek sometimes as all the presents go under the tree a few days before but I hold myself back. || Olla ĂŒllatunud. Ma ei hakka valetama, kui ĂŒtlen, et mul pole seda soovi olnud. Loomulikult on. Eriti arvestades, et meil peres lĂ€hevad kingitused juba mĂ”ni pĂ€ev enne jĂ”ule kuuse alla niiet pean ennast tagasi hoidma 😀

9. Show us your ugly Christmas sweater if you have one. || NĂ€ita meile oma koledat jĂ”ulukampsunit kui sul on.
For your sadness I have to say that I have none, I only have one Christmas sweater and I absolutely love it! || Teie kurvastuseks pean ĂŒtlema, et mul ei ole ĂŒhtegi. Mul on ainult ĂŒks jĂ”ulukampsun, aga mulle meeldib see vĂ€ga. 🙂

10. Does your family have a special holiday recipe you like to help make? || Kas sinu perel on mingi eriline pĂŒhade retsept, mille tegemsele sulle meeldib kaasa aidata?
I wouldn’t say that we have a special recipe, as I celebrate Christmas with my mom’s side of the family (we are really really close with them  and have always celebrated our Christmas with them) and since there are about 20 of us then each family does a little something so all the food making doesn’t fall on the one who hosts that year. 😀 || Ma ei ĂŒtleks isegi, et meil on mingi eriline retsept. Kuna me tĂ€histame jĂ”ule mu empsi poolsete sugulastega (me oleme nendega hĂ€sti lĂ€hadesed niiet oleme alati kĂ”ik koos jĂ”ule tĂ€histanud) ja meid on kokku umbes 20 siis teeb iga pere ise natuke midagi nii et kogu söögitegemine ei lĂ€heks ainult sellele, kelle juures parajasti jĂ”ule peame.

11. What tops your Christmas tree? || Mis kaunistus on sinu kuusepuu otsas?
Kind of like this star thingy, but not exactly like a star haha, I don’t know how to describe it 😀 || Mingi selline tĂ€he moodi asi, aga see pole ka pĂ€ris tĂ€ht, ma ei oska seletada, mis asi see on haha 😀

12. Do you make New Years Resolutions? Do you stick with them? || Kas sa teed uusaastalubadusi? Kas sa ka nendest kinni pead?
I usually do, yes. But I choose the goals that I know are achievable and what I can actually do. What is the point of even doing them if you can’t keep them? || Tavalist teen kĂŒll jaa. Kuid ma valin endale lubadused, mida ma tean, et ma suudan ka saanutada. Mis mĂ”tet on isegi teha uusaastalubadusi, kui sa ei suuda neist kinni pidada?

13. You have been granted one Christmas wish… what will it be? || Sulle on antud ĂŒks jĂ”ulusoov… mis see on?
Ohhh that’s a hard one. But I think that my grandma would still be here so she could see all the amazing things that have happened over the past 2-3 years and that she could meet my baby boy Lars (aka my puppy). || Vot see on raske kĂŒsimus. Aga ma arvan see, et mu vanaema oleks veel meiega, et ta saaks nĂ€ha kĂ”iki neid imelisi asju, mis on viimase 2-3 aasta sees juhtunud ja et ta saaks tuttavaks me kutsubeebi Larsiga. 🙂

Okay this is all I have for today and I hope that you enjoyed this little Christmas tag, I ad so much fun answering to all of the questions! I also have lot more posts coming up really really soon so don’t forget to stay tuned. 🙂

See on kĂ”ik, mis mul teile tĂ€naseks on niiet ma tĂ”esti loodan, et teile meeldis selline pisike jĂ”ulupostitus, kus rÀÀkisin lĂ€hemalt ĂŒhest oma lemmikpĂŒhast. Kuna mul on ka palju uusi postitusi ĂŒsna pea tulemas siis Ă€ra unusta tĆĄekata ĂŒle ka mu sotsiaalmeedia kontod, sest sinna tulevad alati esimesena teadaanded ja vĂ€iksed sneak peek‘id! 🙂

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Beauty Tips I Swear By

I admit, I am a really lazy person when it becomes to doing beauty treatments or just pampering myself. I don’t really know why but I have never really bothered to pamper myself properly. Although I do have some tips and kind of “pampering” routines I do pretty often.

So the first thing is that I use coconut oil on my skin and lips as it softens them and also moisturizes my face as it gets really dry, especially during the fall-winter transition time. Although I don’t do it everyday as it makes my pores look a lot more bigger but I do it on the weekend when I know I am not going anywhere.

I am not sure if this is really popular but it’s the one thing I do all the time during winter and that is to apply honey on my lips. And for a simple reason – it makes them super soft and keeps my lips from chipping. I do it mostly on the evening before bed – apply the honey and then go to sleep. You can see the results immediately.  But you have to do it more than once for it to actually make a real change. From doing it once you have the soft lips for a day (when it’s colder then not even that much) but adding this little step to your night routine will make a difference over the time.

As I said – I don’t usually do much so these are all my tips for today. I hope you enjoyed this short little post. Also please let me know if you like to see more shorter posts or longer ones, it would help me out a lot 🙂

What are you beauty tips you swear by?

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Ma tunnistan, et ma olen tegelikult ĂŒsna laisk, kui asi puudutab niiöelda enda hellistamist ehk siis erinevate iluhoolduste tegemisega. Ma ei tea miks, aga ma pole kunagi vĂ”tnud vaevaks neid teha. Aga mul on mĂ”ned nipid/trikid, mis turgutavad mu nahka ning mida mulle meeldib vĂ€ga teha. Eriti sellisel ajal nagu praegu on.

Esimeseks on siis see, et ma kasutan kookoseĂ”li oma nahal (ja vahest ka huultel). See teeb naha ÀÀretult pehmeks ja jĂ€tab sellise mĂ”nusa siidise tunde hiljem, kuigi alguses pealekandes on see ĂŒsnagi rasvane. Mulle meeldib seda eriti kasutada sĂŒgise-talve ajal, kuna siis muutub mu nahk kĂ”ige kuivemaks ning vajab rohkem hoolt ja hellitamist kui tavaliselt. Kuid tuleb olla ettevaatlik, et seda iga pĂ€ev mitte kasutada, kuna see teeb ka poorid suuremaks ehk siis pole just kĂ”ige parem variant igapĂ€evaseks kasutamiseks, kuid suurepĂ€rane nĂ€iteks nĂ€dalavahetusteks kui tead, et pole kuhugi vaja minna ja meiki nĂ€kku panna.

Ma pole kindel kui paljud seda teavad vĂ”i mitte, aga see on midagi, mida mulle meeldib vĂ€ga teha ehk siis panna mett huultele. Jah, just. Mett. VĂ”ib kĂ”lada natuke naljakalt, aga sellel on tegeikult vĂ€ga hea mĂ”ju – see niisutab huuli ning muudab neid pehmemaks. Ma teen seda tavaliselt Ă”htuti enne magamaminekut ehk siis enne kui magama minek panen huultele ja hoian terve öö seda peal. Hommikuks on huuled alati mĂ”nusalt pehmed ning niisutatud. Kuid et sellel oleks pikaaegsem mĂ”ju siis tuleks seda teha ĂŒsna tihedalt, sest kui harva teha siis ei mĂ”ju see nii hĂ€sti kui vĂ”iks. 

Nagu ma mainisin ka enne, siis vĂ€ga ma igasuguseid hooldusi ei tee ehk siis need olid mĂ”ned minu nipid ning see on tĂ€naseks kĂ”ik. Ma loodan, et teile meeldis selline lĂŒhem postitus. Lisaks vĂ”iksite ka teada anda, et kas tahaksite rohkem nĂ€ha lĂŒhemaid postitusi vĂ”i pikemaid? See aitaks mind tuleviku tarbeks vĂ€ga 🙂

Millised on sinu ilunipid ja trikid?

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Before The Snow

Hey my loves! Today I am back with another photo post. Awhile back, before the snow came down, I took some photos of my friend. She wanted to get some new photos taken and I wanted to practice a lot more. So we went out for a photoshoot in a beautiful afternoon day. The weather was absolutely on our side as it was such a beautiful weather and perfect for taking photos!

Hei mu armsakesed! TĂ€na olen ma tagasi jĂ€rjekordse postitusega ning seekord tahtsin teile nĂ€idata mĂ”nda pilti, mis said tegelikult juba tubli mitu nĂ€dalat tagasi tehtud. TĂ€psemalt siis kui lumi polnud veel maas ja valgust oli kĂŒllalt. JĂ€rjekordselt haarasin ĂŒhe oma sĂ”branna ja viisin ta pilte tegema, see oli kasulik meile mĂ”lemale – tema tahtis saada uusi pilte ja mina natuke harjutada inimeste pildistamist. Ilm oli absoluutselt tĂ€iuslik ehk siis pĂ€ike paistis soojalt peale, kuid langevad vĂ€rvilised lehed ja Ă”rn kĂŒlm tuuleke, nĂ€itasid seda unistuslikku sĂŒgiseilma, mis oli tĂ€iuslik piltide tegemiseks!

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Monthly Goals | November

If you have been reading this little blog then you probably know that I used to write down my goals for you every month. Somehow though I stopped doing that a while ago and now I decided that I am going to write down my goals for each month again as it helps me to be a little more organized and put together. As always I am going to write down my goals for my personal life, blog, school, social media and now also for YouTube.

Kui sa oled juba pikemat aega lugenud seda pisikest blogi siin siis sa ilmselt juba tead, et tĂŒkk aega tagasi panin ma iga kuu kirja mĂ”ned asjad, mida ma tahan jĂ€rgneva kuu jooksul saavutada/Ă€ra teha. Mingil mĂŒstilisel pĂ”hjusel ma millegi pĂ€rast lĂ”petasin selle tegemise (enam ei mĂ€leta mille pĂ€rast tĂ€pselt, aga ega see vist suurt ei loe ka enam). Igastahes ma alustan selliste postituste tegemist uuesti, kuna ausalt öeldes aitavad need mul jĂ€rgida, et ma vĂ€hemalt pooled ikka Ă€ra teeks kui mitte kĂ”ik. Ehk siis ĂŒhesĂ”naga, see annab mulle rohkem motivatsiooni.

Monthly Goals - November.jpg

Not a really new photo (obviously, it’s snow everywhre in here) but it looked cute haha 😀


  • To be more organized | Olla rohkem organiseeritud
  • To keep my room more clean and tidy | Hoida oma tuba rohkem korras
  • Sleep at least 7,5 hours every night | Magada vĂ€hemalt 7,5 tundi iga öö
  • Work out a little more at home | Teha natuke rohkem trenni ka kodus
  • Go on longer walks with my dog | KĂ€ia pikematel jalutuskĂ€ikudel oma koeraga
  • To read more books | Lugeda rohkem raamatuid


  • Get more good grades | Saada rohkem hĂ€id hindeid
  • Start reading a book for my Finnish class | Alustada soome keelse raamatu lugemist (soome keele tunni jaoks)
  • Get to school earlier in the morning | JĂ”uda hommikuti varem kooli


  • To reach at least 300 followers in Instagram (I currently have 237) | Saada vĂ€hemalt 300 jĂ€lgijat Instagrammis (hetkel on 237)
  • To be more active in all my social media accounts | Olla oma sotsiaalmeedia kontodel aktiivsem
  • To reach 250 followers in Twitter (currently have 209) | Saada 250 jĂ€lgijat Twitteris (hetkel on 209)


  • To start posting at least 3 times a week | Hakata postitama vĂ€hamalt 3 korda nĂ€dalas
  • To get 350 followers | Saada kokku 350 jĂ€lgijat
  • Reach out to a bigger audience | JĂ”uda suurema publiku ette
  • To do more photography and videography related posts | Teha rohkem fotograafia ja filmindusega seotud postitusi
  • To be more active within the blogging community | Olla blogijate kogukonnas(?) rohkem aktiivne


  • To reach 100 subscribers (I currently have 81) | Saada kokku 100 jĂ€lgijat (hetkel on 81)
  • To post more videos | Postitada rohkem videosi
  • To start doing art related videos | Hakata tegema kunstiga seotud videosid
  • To be more active within the YouTube community | Olla YouTube’i siseselt rohkem aktiivne

Okay so now I have all my goals written down and I have exactly 23 days to complete them all and then I will do a review post where you guys (and also me) can see how many of them I have completed this month. 😀

Okei, nĂŒĂŒd on kĂ”ik asjad kirjas, mida peaksin selle kuu jooksul tegema/saavutama ja mul on tegelikult selleks aega tĂ€pselt 23 pĂ€eva. SeejĂ€rl tuleb pisike postitus, kus kommenteerin, kuidas ja kui kaugele oma asjadega jĂ”usin (kui ĂŒldse jĂ”udsin kuhugi :D) ning te saate nĂ€ha kui palju asju ma siis ka tegelikult nendest Ă€ra tegin. 😀

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A little photo from this weekend. And yes, that is a lot of snow back there.

Bits & Pieces

Heyaa! Last week I went out with a friend for a little photoshoot. And here are some of my favorite photos that I took. I hope that you enjoy this little photopost and if you do then some feedback is always appreciated.😊

Heyaa! Eelmisel nĂ€dalal tegin ĂŒhele sĂ”brannale ettepaneku, et teeks pisikese pildistamise ehk siis seekord olin mina kaamera taga ning ma pean mainima, et mulle meeldis see vĂ€ga. Igastahes siin on siis mĂ”ned minu enda lemmikumad pildid.😊

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