Magic of Purple

Hello! The long waited post is finally here! I got the photos a while back actually but WordPress has been playing with me because for some reason the photos had a terrible quality each time I have tried to upload them here. And yes, They look absolutely beautiful and high quality everywhere else.

But here are some of my favorite photos from my photoshoot. Enjoy and let me know what do you think of this new and totally different hairstyle!

Photographer: Ako Lehemets

Heihopsti! Ja ongi see kauaoodatud postitus teie ees! Ma sain pildid juba päris tükk aega tagasi, aga kuna mina ja WordPress pole viimasel ajal just kõige paremini läbi saanud siis oli pisike probleem – nimelt iga kord kui üritasin neid pilte siia üles panna, siis kvaliteet oli nii halb, et ma lihtsalt ei suutnud veenda ennast neid üles panema. Ning jah, pildid on muidu super kvaliteediga nii et viga peab kuskil siin leiduma. Iseasi, aga kus siis ikkagi täpsemalt.

Igastahes, siin on siis mõned minu lemmikud pildid, mis nädala eest tehtud said. Anna teada kuidas pildid meeldivad ning ka mis arvad sellest uuest ja totaalselt teistsugusest soengust!

Fotograaf: Ako Lehemets



Graduation Day

Hey my cuties and welcome if you are new in here! 🙂  As many of you know that I (finally!!) graduated 9th grade in Saturday so I just wanted to share some photos of it and also some photos of my kindergarten graduation 9 years ago with you guys. Also sorry that the photos of my kindergarten graduation are a bit blurry (but it was 2007 and I am pretty sure that whoever took these photos back then wasn’t good with camera either soo yeaah :D).

Also I just wanted to mention that I absolutely adored my makeup and hair and I had some troubles taking them off because I honestly looked so pretty and I felt like a princess and who on Earth wouldn’t want to be a princess?!? And the main reason for this was also that I have a really bad skin and I have terrible acne constantly and my face breaks out a lot so it was nice to see that I could be so pretty and my skin would look so flawless. So it’s proven that makeup really does wonders and no one can argue with that, end of the discussion.

Hei mu armsakesed ja tere tulemast kui oled uus siin! 🙂  Ilmselt mõnedki teist juba teavad, et ma lõpetasin põhikooli sellel laupäeval niiet tahtsain jagada teiega pilte sellest minu jaoks erilisest päevast ning ühtlasi ka mõndasid pilte, mis on tehtud 9 aastat tagasi ehk siis kui ma lõpetasin lasteaia. Ühtlasi ka vabandan juba ette kui need lasteaia pildid on natuke udused aga no olid nii armsad ja lihtsalt pidin neid ka teiega jagama. 😀

Ning lisaks tahtsin veel ka mainida, et ma absoluutselt jumaldasin oma meiki ja soengut. Mul oli sellel õhtul suuri probleeme (eriti) just meigi maha võtmisega kuna ausalt öeldes ma nägin nii ilus välja (ja kuna mu enda nahk on muidu jubedalt halb siis oli tore vahelduseks vaadata peeglisse ja näha ilusat nägu) ning tundsin ennast nagu tõeline printsess ja kes meist siis ei tahaks olla printsess?!? Eriti oli see just selle pärast, et noh pole ju harjunud kui keegi teine teeb mulle meiki või siis soengut ja et tulemus nägi ka niivõrd ilus ja elegantne välja. 

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and I love you all who are supporting me so much, I couldn’t do it without you guys. I always love reading your comments and communicating with you so please don’t be afraid to leave a comment or talk to me in any of my social media platforms. I promise you that I won’t bite, honestly. 🙂

Igastahes, see on tänaseks kõik ning ma loodan, et teile meeldisid ka need mõned throwback pildid. Ja ma tahtsin ka öelda, et mulle väga meeldib lugeda teie kommetaare ning üleüldiselt teie kõigiga suhelda niiet ärge kartke jätta kommentaari või kirjutada mulle. Ma luban, et ma ei hammusta. Täitsa ausalt. 🙂

Love, Greete

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How I Keep My Hair Strong & Healthy 

I am pretty sure that most of you don’t know that I used to have super long hair. But I got bored with them so I cut them of in the August (I think it was then) of 2014 and then again in August of 2015.

These were my hair in 2013 and obviously these wasn’t taken where I live, they were taken in Egypt while I was at a vacation with my mom & dad. And I don’t even think that I have shown the second picture to anyone, well except my fam of course. 😀

And I cut them this short. This was the first time in for ever since I had short hair. I had very short hair when I was little and they were super thin but then all of a sudden they started growing and my mom didn’t let anyone cut my hair shorter, haha. 😀
But to be honest, having long hair is hard. My head was constantly hurting because my hair was so heavy. But after cutting them off I felt so much better, they weren’t hurting me. As of right now, I have healthy and strong hair (and some split ends but I am going to the hairdresser soon to fix that) even though they are short.

Here are some of the tips that work for me and what I use to keep my hair growing, healthy and strong. 🙂

    It’s the most important tip I have for you. I very-very rarely curl or straighten my hair, it damages them so much. If you want curls then just braid your hair the night before and leave the braids overnight and you have beautiful curly hair with much more volume than any curling wand could give you, I promise you that.
    I know that this may sound silly or weird but washing your hair every single day can do so much damage because you are draining your hair out of its natural oils that you actually need to keep them healthy. I have seen what this does to your hair, my sis washes her hair every day and she is still using a little too much heat on her hair (she used to straighten her hair 2-3 times a day) and her hair are barely growing and break very easily.
    I am actually still learning that myself, there are so many shampoos or conditioners that just don’t fit me. Many shampoos can give me major scurf and then I know that it’s time to chance something. Just listen what your scalp and hair are saying to you. 😉
    This is just a tip to keep your hair clean longer. When you touch your hair all the time then you transfer the bacteria and dirt to your hair and then they get dirty really fast.

And that’s it for today. I hope that these tips helped you a little and never stop listening your own body, when something is wrong it tells you, you just have to be ready to listen to it. 🙂

Also there are still 13 days left for you to vote for me in Estonian Blogger Awards if you think that I deserve your vote. More info in here 🙂

What are your tips for keeping your hair strong and healthy?

Love, Greete

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