What’s in my everyday makeup bag + makeup routine

I am such a curious person and I love to see what other people have in their makeup bag and what are their everyday essentials. So I thought that why not show and talk a bit about my go to products with you so if you are a curious little peanut like me, then you are in a right place! 🙂

Ma olen hĂ€sti uudishimulik inimene ja mulle meeldib nĂ€ha ja teada saada, mis meigitooteid keegi kasutab ja milline on nende igapĂ€eva rutiin. Niiet otsustasin siis ka enda omad kirja panna niiet kui sa oled selline nagu mina siis see on Ă”ige postitus just sulle! 🙂



I am not going in details about how I prep my face because I talked about it more in this post so if you want to know about it then go ahead and check it out!

For my base I don’t do anything too complicated as I prefer to sleep that extra 10-15 minutes instead of doing the full glam makeup so I have been keeping it real simple recently. I start of with Bourjois Radiance Reveal concealer. I have two different shades as I accidentally bought a slightly darker color a few weeks ago but thankfully the summer is coming and since I was on a holiday, it fits quite good.

So I am usually starting off with the darker shade (02 Beige), then go in with the same one but in a lighter shade (01 Ivory) and then add just a bit of the BeYu Light Reflecting concealer (in the shade 3). I added the final step because it helps to reflect a bit more and makes my undereye area appear a lot more brighter and highlighted. And to set it all in place I use the wet n wild Coverall pressed powder in the shade Fair.

Ma ei hakka minema detailidesse selle kohta, kuidas ma oma nÀgu igapÀevaselt nn ette valmistan meigi jaoks, kuna mÔni aeg tegin jube selle kohta postituse siin. 

MeigipÔhjaks ei tee ma igapÀevaselt mitte midagi keerulist, kuna ma eelistan magada see 10-15 minutit selle asemel, et hakata tegema midagi keerulisemat. Ma alustan Bourjois Radience Reveal peitekreemiga. Kuna ma mÔni nÀdal tagasi ostin kogemata natuke liiga tumeda siis hetkel kasutan mitu erinevat et saavutada just selline lÔpptulemus nagu ma tahan.

Nagu mainisin siis hetkel on mul kaks Bourjoisi peitekreemi ning kÔigepealt kasutan tumedamat tooni (02 Beige) ning seejÀrel lisan ka natuke heledamat (01 Ivory). SeejÀrel panen peale ka Beyu valguspeegeldavat peitekreemi (toonis nr 3), et aidata paista silmaalustel rohkem loomuliku ja sÀravamana. Ning selleks, et kÔik jÀÀks ilusti sinna kus vaja siis kasutan ka wet n wild puudrit toonis Fair.


After the base is done is continue on doing my eyes and brows (if I feel like doing anything with my eyes lol). If I do feel like doing something with my eyes then it’s usually as simple as possible. I am doing a either a slightly darker crease using the Makeup Revolution Iconic Elements palette or just a shimmery gold eye using the NYX Hot Singles eyeshadow in the shade Fancy That. And after I just whip on some mascara on both my upper and lower lashes.

After my eyes are all done I just take the Makeup Revolution palette again and use the dark brown and grey tones to fill in my brows. Oh and a little tip – if you don’t want to waste money on brow gels then just spray a little bit of hair spray on your spoolie and then just brush it through your brows and they are all set for the day.

PĂ€rast seda, kui meigipĂ”hi on valmis siis ma liigun edasi silmade ja kulmude juurde (juhul kui mul on viitsimist midagi ĂŒldse silmadega teha haha). Ning kui mul isegi jĂ€tkub vahest viitsimist midagi oma silmadega teha siis on see vĂ”imalikult lihtne.
Tavaliselt teen ma tavalise heleda pĂ”hja ning tumedama silma vĂ€lisnurga, et tuua silmi rohkem esile. Ning selleks kasutan ma ĂŒldiselt Makeup Revolution Iconic Elements paletti. VĂ”i kui tunnen et tahan rohkem sĂ€delecamat silma siis kasutan natukene ainult NYX Hot Singles lauvĂ€rvi nimega Fancy That. Ning pĂ€rast seda lisan ka natuke ripsmeduĆĄĆĄi nii ĂŒlemistele kui ka alumistele ripsmetele.

PĂ€rast seda kui silmad on tehtud siis vĂ”tan jĂ€llegi Makeu Revolution paletti ning kasutan sealt tumepruudi ja halli, et kulmud korda teha. Ja siin ka ĂŒks mu enda lemmik nipp – kui sa ei taha raha raisata mingisuguse kulmugeeli peale ja kodus on juukselakk olemas, siis vĂ”ta oma spoolie (eesti keeles peaks see olema vist kulmukamm?? aga igastahes see asi mis nĂ€eb vĂ€lja nagu ripsmeduĆĄĆĄi ots) ning lase lakki sinna peale. SeejĂ€rel lihtsalt kammi sellega kulmud lĂ€bi ja need jÀÀvad ilusti omale kohale terveks pĂ€evaks.



To highlight my little cheekbones and add that bit of sparkle I need, I put on a bit of my Colourpop Super Shock Cheek highlighter in the color Monster which I absolutely adore. If you want to read about it more then a few months ago I wrote all my thoughts up about some of the Colourpop products I ordered and you can read it here!

Selleks, et oma pisikesi pÔsesarnu rÔhutada ning lisada sest natukest sÀra, mida vajan siis ma kasuta natukene oma Colourpop Super Shock Cheek sÀrapuudrit toonis Monster, mida ma ausalt öeldes tÀiesti jumaldan. Kui tahad selle kohta rohkem teada saada siis mul on selle kohta pÔhjalikum postitus siin!


For my lips I just whip on some pretty natural pink color (like my essence lipstick in the shade 13 Love Me), the Baby Lips lip balm that also has that just a hint of color (in Cherry Me) or go a bit more bolder and fill in my lips using the essence lip liner in 06 Satin Mauve that is this really beautiful cooler toned purple.

Huulte jaoks kasutan tavaliselt tagasihoidlikumaid tooteid. Tavaliselt haaran ilusa roosa essence’i huulepulka (13 Love Me), Baby Lips huulepalsamit, millel on ka Ă”rn vĂ€rv juures (Cherry Me) vĂ”i kui tahan natuke julgemat vĂ€rvi kasutada siis kasutan ka essence huulepliiatsit (06 Satin Mauve), mis on hĂ€sti ilus kĂŒlmema tooniga lilla.


Okay, I think that this is all for today and as usual let me know if you liked the post and let’s keep the conversation going by all of you commenting on what are your go-to makeup essentials that you love and use every single day (only when you go out of course, no one uses makeup when they are just sitting at home all day right?).

Igastahes, see on tĂ€naseks kĂ”ik ning hoidke vestlust ĂŒleval öeldes, millised on sinu lemmikud meigitooted hetkel, mida armsatad ning kasutad igapĂ€evaselt.

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Beauty essentials for lazy days

I am probably not the only girl who prefers to sleep in extra 20-30 minutes instead of doing my makeup and hair in the morning. I am a lazy girl in the mornings. But so that I wouldn’t look like a total zombie on school I have figured out a quick 10 minute beauty routine for myself so I could get to school on time but still look semi-put together (if that’s even a word lol).

Ma pole ilmselt ainuke tĂŒdruk, kes eelistab pigem hommikuti 20-30 minutit lisaks magada selle asemel, et tĂ”usta ĂŒles ja sĂ€ttida ehk teha ilus ja korrlik meik ning soeng. Aga selleks, et ma ei nĂ€eks vĂ€lja nagu tĂ€ielik zombie siis ma olen enda jaoks vĂ€lja nuputanud kiire 10 minutilise meigi-soengurutiini, et ma jĂ”uaks Ă”igeks ajaks kooli ja nĂ€eksin enam-vĂ€hem vĂ€lja, nagu ma oleks tegelikult ka oma vĂ€limusega vaeva nĂ€inud.


I totally forgot to add my moisturizer but you can read all about it here. So as I mentioned I start off by applying my Lumene Basic Blue day cream before any makeup touches my face.

Ma totaalselt unustasin lisada piltidele ka oma nÀokreemi, aga kuna selle kohta on juba postitus olemas siis saad selle kohta tÀpselmalt lugeda juba siit. Igastahes enne kui grammigi meiki mu nÀgu puudutab siis kasutan ka Lumene Basic Blue pÀevast nÀokreemi.

After that I take the Bell Skin Camouflage concealer palette to cover up everything I want. I apply the green color anywhere where I have more redness and where I have any spots, and the red one goes under my eyes because it does a great job of covering up my dark circles. I actually secretly think that even when I do get to sleep in, they are there. They have settled in pretty well 😀

JÀrgmiseks vÔtan ma Bell Skin Camouflage kreemja peitekreemi paletti, et katta Àra kÔik, mida tahan. Alustuseks vÔtan rohelise vÀrvi ning panen seda igale poole, kus mul esineb rohkem punetust vÔi mittesoovitud punnide peale, et neid paremini Àra katta. JÀrgmisena vÔtan punase vÀrvi ning kasutan seda silmade all, et lahti saada tumedatest silmaalustest. 

For that extra coverage under my eyes I also apply Bonjour Radiance Reveal concealer in the shade ivory. I also put it a little over my spots and near my nose where I have a lot of redness, especially during winter-spring transitioning time.

Selleks, et saada seda lisa katvust, mida ma tunnen, et mĂ”nikord on hĂ€dasti vaja, kasutan ma Bonjour Radiance Reveal peitepulka toonis Ivory. Lisaks panen seda natuke ka punnide peale ning nina ĂŒmbrusesse, kuna sealt muutub nahk eriti punaseks sellisel ajal nagu praegu.


Next up I take my Makeup Revolution Iconic Elements eyeshadow palette and take the dark brown and the gray color to fill in my brows. I have found that these colors work a lot more for me than the actual brow colors I had just because these are more cold toned while the others were really warm ones. And I don’t like warm toned brows, they just don’t fit me.

JĂ€rgmisena vĂ”tan ma Makeup Revolution Iconic Elements lauvĂ€rvide paletti ning kasutan sealt tumepruuni ning hallikat vĂ€rvi, et tĂ€ita kergelt kulmud Ă€ra. Ma olen leidnud, et need sobivad mulle just kĂ”ige paremini, kuna neil on pigem kĂŒlmem alatoon kui samas pĂ€ris kulmuvĂ€rvidel, mida varem kasutasin oli just soojem alatoon, mis vĂ€ga ei sobinud mulle.

For my lashes I use the Maybelline the Colossal Volum’ Express mascara in black. It gives me really beautiful, thick and longer lashes that I absolutely love. I apply it on to my upper and bottom lashes to make my eyes really stand out.

Ripsmete jaoks vĂ”tan ma Maybelline the Colossal Volum’ Express musta ripsmetuĆĄĆĄi. See annab mulle ilusad, tihedamad ja pikemad ripsmed, mida ma armastan. Ma kasutan seda nii oma ĂŒlemiselt kui ka alumistel ripsmetel, kuna see toob mu silmad eriti esile.


And of course I can’ forget to moisturize my lips as well so I am using the Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me. I love how it makes my lips really soft and also gives them just a hint of color.

Ja loomulikult ei saa unustada ka oma huuli. Nendel kasutan Maybelline Baby Lips toonis Cherry Me. Mulle meeldib kuidas see teeb mu huuled samal ajal pehmeks, kuid samas annab ka neile ilusa Ôrna roosaka tooni.

Also, If I feel that I have an extra minute and feeling a bit more fancy then I like to apply Manhattan Good to Glow liquid highlighter in Satin.

Ning kui ma tunnen, et mul on mĂ”ni lisaminut aega ja tahan midagi ekstra lisada siis panen natukene ka Manhattan’i Good to Glow sĂ€rapuudrit toonis Satin pĂ”sesarnadele, et neid rohkem vĂ€lja tuua  ja panna oma nĂ€guĂŒleĂŒldiselt rohkem sĂ€rama.

Now to hair – as I am the laziest girl in the world when it comes to washing my hair so a good dry shampoo and a hair tie are my go to hair pieces. I don’t use the Batiste dry shampoo very often, only in times when it’s really needed.

NĂŒĂŒd juuste juurde – kuna ma olen vĂ€gagi laisk kui asi puudutab juuste pesemist siis ĂŒks hea kuivĆĄampoon ja patsikumm on mu parimad sĂ”brad. Ma ei kasuta Batiste kuivĆĄampooni just tihti, aga ta on alati olemas kui seda kĂ”ige hullemini vaja on.

What are your lazy day beauty essentials? | Millised on sinu laisa pÀeva lemmikud ilutooded?

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How To: Easy Fall Makeup Look

Hey my cuties! So today I wanted to share one of my videos with you as I really like the look I did there so I thought that instead of just writing a long description of the look and how I did it I am just going to share it in the form of the video.

Anyway I am  completely obsessed with this look, it’s so pretty and gives out these kind of fall vibes with the smoky eyes and dark berry lips . Of course I most of the time I skip the eyeliner step as in the mornings it takes me forever to get ready and I don’t need to add the pressure of making the perfect wing as well haha. Also all the products that I use in any of my videos are super affordable as I don’t have the heart to spend a ton of money on makeup, I mostly spend it on food tbh 😀

Anyway, enough of the talk, I hope you enjoy this little makeup tutorial, also check out my channel for more videos like this(and also some different ones that I love) and don’t forget to subscribe as I have a lot more fun videos coming up really really soon! Please let me know what kind of makeup looks would you like me to do next because that would help me out so much! 🙂


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Hei mu armsakesed! TĂ€na ma tahan jagada teiega ĂŒhe oma videodest, kuna mulle vĂ€ga-vĂ€ga meeldib selline look niiet mĂ”tlesin, et selle asemel, et teha ĂŒks pikk kirjeldus kuidas ma tĂ€pselt seda tegin siis siin on video, millest vĂ”ib-olla on teil lihtsam aru saada. Asi on selles, et ma olen vahepeal asjade kirjeldamises halb niiet jah.. 😀

Igastahes see on ĂŒks mu enda lemmikumaid look‘e, kuna see on nii ilus ja lihtne, aga on ka selline sĂŒgisele-talvele sobiv. Eriti annab sellele sĂŒgise tunde need kergelt suitsused silmad ja tumelillad huuled. Kui aus olla siis ilmselgelt ma igapĂ€evaselt laineriga ei hakka mĂ€ssama, kuna mul lĂ€heb niigi kaua hommikul valmis saamisega ning ei ole vaja lisada endale stressi sellega, et hakkata ka linerit tegema. Ja tahtsin ka Ă€ra mainida, et kĂ”ik tooted, mida videos kasutan on ilmselt kĂ”igile kĂ€ttesaadavad, kuna need on suhteliselt odavad. Ainult mĂ”ned asjad on pisut kallimad kuid jÀÀvad ikka sinna 20 euro piiridesse. Ma pole vĂ€ga selline, kes ostaks igasuguseid kalleid migiasju omale, kuna ma armastan sööki liialt palju ehk siis enamus mu raha kulub sellele 😀

Aga jah, aitab nĂŒĂŒd jutust. Ma loodan, et teile meeldib see pisike video ja kui meeldis kindlasti vaadake ka ĂŒle ka mu YouTube’i kanal, kuna seal on veel palju huvitavaid erinevaid videosid ja aina rohkem on tulekul! Ma tahaks ta teada, milliseid meigi look‘e te tahaksite veel Ă€ha minu poolt. 🙂

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Beauty Tips I Swear By

I admit, I am a really lazy person when it becomes to doing beauty treatments or just pampering myself. I don’t really know why but I have never really bothered to pamper myself properly. Although I do have some tips and kind of “pampering” routines I do pretty often.

So the first thing is that I use coconut oil on my skin and lips as it softens them and also moisturizes my face as it gets really dry, especially during the fall-winter transition time. Although I don’t do it everyday as it makes my pores look a lot more bigger but I do it on the weekend when I know I am not going anywhere.

I am not sure if this is really popular but it’s the one thing I do all the time during winter and that is to apply honey on my lips. And for a simple reason – it makes them super soft and keeps my lips from chipping. I do it mostly on the evening before bed – apply the honey and then go to sleep. You can see the results immediately.  But you have to do it more than once for it to actually make a real change. From doing it once you have the soft lips for a day (when it’s colder then not even that much) but adding this little step to your night routine will make a difference over the time.

As I said – I don’t usually do much so these are all my tips for today. I hope you enjoyed this short little post. Also please let me know if you like to see more shorter posts or longer ones, it would help me out a lot 🙂

What are you beauty tips you swear by?

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Ma tunnistan, et ma olen tegelikult ĂŒsna laisk, kui asi puudutab niiöelda enda hellistamist ehk siis erinevate iluhoolduste tegemisega. Ma ei tea miks, aga ma pole kunagi vĂ”tnud vaevaks neid teha. Aga mul on mĂ”ned nipid/trikid, mis turgutavad mu nahka ning mida mulle meeldib vĂ€ga teha. Eriti sellisel ajal nagu praegu on.

Esimeseks on siis see, et ma kasutan kookoseĂ”li oma nahal (ja vahest ka huultel). See teeb naha ÀÀretult pehmeks ja jĂ€tab sellise mĂ”nusa siidise tunde hiljem, kuigi alguses pealekandes on see ĂŒsnagi rasvane. Mulle meeldib seda eriti kasutada sĂŒgise-talve ajal, kuna siis muutub mu nahk kĂ”ige kuivemaks ning vajab rohkem hoolt ja hellitamist kui tavaliselt. Kuid tuleb olla ettevaatlik, et seda iga pĂ€ev mitte kasutada, kuna see teeb ka poorid suuremaks ehk siis pole just kĂ”ige parem variant igapĂ€evaseks kasutamiseks, kuid suurepĂ€rane nĂ€iteks nĂ€dalavahetusteks kui tead, et pole kuhugi vaja minna ja meiki nĂ€kku panna.

Ma pole kindel kui paljud seda teavad vĂ”i mitte, aga see on midagi, mida mulle meeldib vĂ€ga teha ehk siis panna mett huultele. Jah, just. Mett. VĂ”ib kĂ”lada natuke naljakalt, aga sellel on tegeikult vĂ€ga hea mĂ”ju – see niisutab huuli ning muudab neid pehmemaks. Ma teen seda tavaliselt Ă”htuti enne magamaminekut ehk siis enne kui magama minek panen huultele ja hoian terve öö seda peal. Hommikuks on huuled alati mĂ”nusalt pehmed ning niisutatud. Kuid et sellel oleks pikaaegsem mĂ”ju siis tuleks seda teha ĂŒsna tihedalt, sest kui harva teha siis ei mĂ”ju see nii hĂ€sti kui vĂ”iks. 

Nagu ma mainisin ka enne, siis vĂ€ga ma igasuguseid hooldusi ei tee ehk siis need olid mĂ”ned minu nipid ning see on tĂ€naseks kĂ”ik. Ma loodan, et teile meeldis selline lĂŒhem postitus. Lisaks vĂ”iksite ka teada anda, et kas tahaksite rohkem nĂ€ha lĂŒhemaid postitusi vĂ”i pikemaid? See aitaks mind tuleviku tarbeks vĂ€ga 🙂

Millised on sinu ilunipid ja trikid?

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