100 Blog Post Ideas In 30 Minutes + Extra 3 More

For today I did a 100 blog post ideas in 30 minutes. I think that I did pretty good – I got 103 blog post ideas that I came up with and what I like to write about aka mostly beauty, fashion & lifestyle stuff.

So the challenge should be that I write 100 post ideas in 30 minutes in complete silence. I know that you are supposed to do research before but I didn’t really feel like it so I just went ahead and wrote as much as I could.

But enough of the chit-chat and here are my 103 blog post ideas. Enjoy! 🙂

  1. Fashion inspiration
  2. Get the look (either makeup or fashion)
  3. Monthly favorite songs/playlist
  4. Places I want to visit one day
  5. Outfit of the day
  6. Outfits of the week
  7. How to style … in 5 ways
  8. Write about your hobbies
  9. Closet tour
  10. Favorite clothing items I own
  11. How to learn to walk in heels without falling
  12. DIY room decor
  13. DIY summer clothes
  14. Songs translation  (Write what you think the words in a song mean)
  15. Everyday makeup look
  16. Makeup products review
  17. How to stay healthy
  18. 5 healthy breakfast/lunch ideas
  19. Makeup: Day to Night
  20. 5 signs that he is into you
  21. How to know when is the time to break up
  22. 5 tips to study/learn more in less time
  23. Skincare routine
  24. What to wear in a fancy event
  25. How to style bright or different colors together
  26. Monthly favorites
  27. Lazy girl life hacks
  28. Beauty/fashion hacks
  29. How to stay motivated
  30. My thoughts on yoga
  31. Favorite movies + review
  32. Favorite books +review
  33. How to relax and take time for yourself
  34. How to stay fit
  35. Snapshots
  36. My week through photos
  37. Fashion haul
  38. Beauty haul
  39. Travel tips
  40. Different tags
  41. Favorite fashion trends right now
  42. Least favorite fashion trends right now
  43. Instagram review
  44. Quick weekend DIY projects
  45. Room tour
  46. How I organize my closet
  47. Summer wishlist
  48. Birthday wishlist
  49. Morning routine
  50. Night routine
  51. My all time must-haves
  52. Monthly goals
  53. How to get over a breakup?
  54. Best hair products
  55. Effortless and quick hairstyles
  56. Favorite seasonal nail polishes
  57. Bullet journal
  58. Testing Pinterest life hacks
  59. Tanning tips
  60. Things that make me happy
  61. 18 things I want to do before 18
  62. How I edit my blog/Instagram photos
  63. Tips on surviving (high) school
  64. Top 5 romance films of all time and why I love them
  65. Fashion: Day to Night
  66. My iPhone cases collection
  67. My makeup collection
  68. Favorite pieces of jewelry + how to style them
  69. What’s in my bag
  70. Last minute gift ideas
  71. Back to school makeup, hair & outfits
  72. Seasonal outfit inspiration
  73. Holiday lookbook
  74. barbeque outfit ideas
  75. How to style sweatpants (to school)
  76. Festival/concert outfit ideas/lookbook
  77. How to do a smokey eye
  78. Easy and bright spring/summer makeup looks
  79. How to wear and style bold lip
  80. What’s in my makeup bag?
  81. Beauty trends review: what I like & what I don’t like
  82. How to plan a last-minute birthday party
  83. A day in my life
  84. How to pack much if you have limited space + tips and advice
  85. Fashion DIY projects (give your old clothes new life)
  86. Bikini collection
  87. How to style croptops
  88. Monthly reading lists
  89. Movie reviews
  90. Why I love acoustical music + playlist
  91. How to settle in and make friends in a new school
  92. How to start exercising more regularly + tips & exercise plan
  93. Places I have visited and why I liked them
  94. How to save money
  95. Favorite apps in my phone
  96. How to get a job as a teen?
  97. Tips on meeting new people and being more social
  98. Where to go for a first date
  99. What to talk about on a first date
  100. Cooking lessons with an absolute beginner (if you are a beginner)
  101. Fun activities for a barbecue evening with friends
  102. How to get beautiful, luscious hair?
  103. How to: Drawing lessons (if you can draw well)

I had so much fun doing this challenge and I want you to write down in the comments your most crative ideas, I want to hear them!


How to choose a puppy for life?

Lately, I was asked when getting a puppy, how do you know which one to get.
Since it is a hard and important decision I thought that I am just going to point out some things that I used when I got my little baby boy.

  • Go to the place where you are thinking of getting your little one. You can’t really make a decision looking at a photo.
  • Spend a little time with all the puppies, you may never know who will be the one.
  • Listen to what your heart says. When it feels right, then that’s the right puppy for you.

Anyway that’s all the little tips I have for you. I know this is a really short post but I still hope it helped any of you when you are thinking of getting yourself a little one.

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Hiljuti küsiti minult, et kui kutsikat võtta siis kuidas valida seda õiget. Niisiis mõtlesin üles kirjutada mõned punktid, mis võivad aidata sul valida just õiget lemmikut enda jaoks ning mis aitasid teha valikut minul, kui sain oma pisikese sharpei-beebi.

  • Mine sinna kohapeale, kust kavatsed omale kutsika võtta. Sa ei saa sellist otsust teha vaid pilti vaadates.
  • Kohapeal olles veeda natuke aega kogu pesakonna kutsikatega, sa ei pruugi iial teada, milline on õige sinu jaoks.
  • Kuula oma süda. Kui sa tunned, et see pisike on kasvõi natukene erilisem kui teised siis on see ilmselt sinu pisike sõbrake kogu eluks.

Igastahes, need on kõik punktid, mida minu arvates tuleks jälgida ja millega arvestada, kui valida endale lemmikut. Ma tean, et see polnud just kõige pikem postitus, kuid loodan siiski, et see aitas kasvõi ühte inimest mingil määral.

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