100 Blog Post Ideas In 30 Minutes + Extra 3 More

For today I did a 100 blog post ideas in 30 minutes. I think that I did pretty good – I got 103 blog post ideas that I came up with and what I like to write about aka mostly beauty, fashion & lifestyle stuff.

So the challenge should be that I write 100 post ideas in 30 minutes in complete silence. I know that you are supposed to do research before but I didn’t really feel like it so I just went ahead and wrote as much as I could.

But enough of the chit-chat and here are my 103 blog post ideas. Enjoy! 🙂

  1. Fashion inspiration
  2. Get the look (either makeup or fashion)
  3. Monthly favorite songs/playlist
  4. Places I want to visit one day
  5. Outfit of the day
  6. Outfits of the week
  7. How to style … in 5 ways
  8. Write about your hobbies
  9. Closet tour
  10. Favorite clothing items I own
  11. How to learn to walk in heels without falling
  12. DIY room decor
  13. DIY summer clothes
  14. Songs translation  (Write what you think the words in a song mean)
  15. Everyday makeup look
  16. Makeup products review
  17. How to stay healthy
  18. 5 healthy breakfast/lunch ideas
  19. Makeup: Day to Night
  20. 5 signs that he is into you
  21. How to know when is the time to break up
  22. 5 tips to study/learn more in less time
  23. Skincare routine
  24. What to wear in a fancy event
  25. How to style bright or different colors together
  26. Monthly favorites
  27. Lazy girl life hacks
  28. Beauty/fashion hacks
  29. How to stay motivated
  30. My thoughts on yoga
  31. Favorite movies + review
  32. Favorite books +review
  33. How to relax and take time for yourself
  34. How to stay fit
  35. Snapshots
  36. My week through photos
  37. Fashion haul
  38. Beauty haul
  39. Travel tips
  40. Different tags
  41. Favorite fashion trends right now
  42. Least favorite fashion trends right now
  43. Instagram review
  44. Quick weekend DIY projects
  45. Room tour
  46. How I organize my closet
  47. Summer wishlist
  48. Birthday wishlist
  49. Morning routine
  50. Night routine
  51. My all time must-haves
  52. Monthly goals
  53. How to get over a breakup?
  54. Best hair products
  55. Effortless and quick hairstyles
  56. Favorite seasonal nail polishes
  57. Bullet journal
  58. Testing Pinterest life hacks
  59. Tanning tips
  60. Things that make me happy
  61. 18 things I want to do before 18
  62. How I edit my blog/Instagram photos
  63. Tips on surviving (high) school
  64. Top 5 romance films of all time and why I love them
  65. Fashion: Day to Night
  66. My iPhone cases collection
  67. My makeup collection
  68. Favorite pieces of jewelry + how to style them
  69. What’s in my bag
  70. Last minute gift ideas
  71. Back to school makeup, hair & outfits
  72. Seasonal outfit inspiration
  73. Holiday lookbook
  74. barbeque outfit ideas
  75. How to style sweatpants (to school)
  76. Festival/concert outfit ideas/lookbook
  77. How to do a smokey eye
  78. Easy and bright spring/summer makeup looks
  79. How to wear and style bold lip
  80. What’s in my makeup bag?
  81. Beauty trends review: what I like & what I don’t like
  82. How to plan a last-minute birthday party
  83. A day in my life
  84. How to pack much if you have limited space + tips and advice
  85. Fashion DIY projects (give your old clothes new life)
  86. Bikini collection
  87. How to style croptops
  88. Monthly reading lists
  89. Movie reviews
  90. Why I love acoustical music + playlist
  91. How to settle in and make friends in a new school
  92. How to start exercising more regularly + tips & exercise plan
  93. Places I have visited and why I liked them
  94. How to save money
  95. Favorite apps in my phone
  96. How to get a job as a teen?
  97. Tips on meeting new people and being more social
  98. Where to go for a first date
  99. What to talk about on a first date
  100. Cooking lessons with an absolute beginner (if you are a beginner)
  101. Fun activities for a barbecue evening with friends
  102. How to get beautiful, luscious hair?
  103. How to: Drawing lessons (if you can draw well)

I had so much fun doing this challenge and I want you to write down in the comments your most crative ideas, I want to hear them!


Confidence is the key

I recently went to this lecture which was all about how to find that sense of self. But also how the way you present yourself impacts the way others perceive you.
Like for example, most employees don’t really care about how many degrees you have or what you have learned. If you have the papers then that shows to the employer that you can stick to this thing and you don’t give up. It shows your persistence and how you can handle difficult situations.

But when talking just about confidence then you have to believe that you are that supergirl, that you are powerful. That you do have everything it takes to get the job done. Even if you don’t always think of yourself at first.

I can tell you this from an experience. I am quite insecure and doubt in myself A LOT. I doubt in my own skills and knowledge. I adapt to a character that helps me through the situation the easiest way possible.
Another example – I am absolutely terrified of public performance or public speaking. I always try to avoid it the best I can. But since this is life and I can’t get what I want, I take on a character or make up a situation that feels the most safe. When I have to speak in front of the class or have to represent something, I always need to have a friend in the crowd, like a security person. It makes me feel safe. Like I am talking directly to that person. And when I don’t have someone like that then I get so nervous and I forget everything. It’s bad hahah.

So whatever you do in life, do it with confidence. Even if you don’t believe in yourself in some moments. Act like you do and others will believe too.


My Bucket List

So bucket lists. Why do we do them? In my opinion when something is written down, people are more likely to do it. Simply because they see it and it makes them want to cross it off the list as soon as possible. Because who wouldn’t like to cross things off the lists, right? Well, that’s at least my opinion about this whole thing.

And for today’s post I thought I would share with you some of the things that I want to do during my lifetime. This is just a little glimpse of it because there are many more things I want to do.

ps! Everything I have written doesn’t have a specific timeline, these are just the things I really, from the bottom of my heart, want to do at some time in my life.

  1. Learn how to surf
  2. Do some kind of charity or voluntary work
  3. Study abroad
  4. Perform alone publicly in front of 40 to 50 people (I am very afraid of public performance)
  5. Draw/paint on the old streets of Paris.
  6. Make a dance video with my own original choreography
  7. Reach 500 blog followers
  8. Travel alone (preferably to Australia, England, France or Spain)
  9. Adopt a dog
  10. Ask a guy out
  11. Go on a roadtrip with my best friends
  12. Fall in love unconditionally
  13. Spend a whole day without any kind of electronics
  14. Get an actual job
  15. Travel to 3 different countries that I haven’t been to before during a course of one summer
  16. Get into art school
  17. Move away to somewhere warm
  18. Go back to England to see the Victoria & Albert’s Art Museum
  19. Learn to speak another language fluently
  20. Visit Disneyland
  21. Visit Harry Potter World
  22. Learn how to cook at least five dishes from memory
  23. Learn how to actually play guitar correctly
  24. Play golf
  25. Try living a minimalist life for 14 days
  26. Learn 10 phrases in French or in Spanish
  27. Go to Ed Sheeran’s concert
  28. Go to Coachella
  29. Photograph a wedding
  30. Try the 3-day smoothie challenge
  31. Record a song
  32. Write a little novel
  33. Jump in to the water from a cliff
  34. Go to fashion week

So that’s a little sneak peek of what I want my life to be life.

What do you want to do?

Whatever you do, the most important thing to remember is to have fun. Enjoy all of it. You do only have this one life so use it wisely.


Best summer ’17 memories

The summer has reached its end and I can’t believe how fast it want by. It’s crazy. So I thought that I would quickly sum it all up and show you some of my best memories that I have of this summer. No long talk, let’s get into it!

All of these were taken on my trip to Poland and with some of the most amazing people I met there. The first one marks my first plane ride all on my own, I was so anxious but also excited for it. I remember how I got to the airport at the last minute. I thought that I was really late. I was supposed to be up at 4.30 and in the airport at 4.50 to have some extra time, just in case. But instead I woke up at 5 in the morning. I got ready in 5 minutes and grabbed my breakfast on the way. But I still made it in time (and had to wait for over 10 min to get on the plane, and then another 15 min sat on the plane before it took off).

Second and forth one were taken in Warsaw when we had hours to spend in the city. The second one was when we got a little bored and just started to take some photos of each other (I am there with Anastasia, another girl from the estonian group and whom I got quite close to). We were discovering the old town and having lunch in a quite traditional Polish restaurant before heading back to get our luggage and heading to Nieborow with rest of the group.

And the third one was taken in the middle of the polish youth exchange with my babes from Macedonia and the best guy from Romania. They were few of those who I got really close to. |09.-17.06.17 |

Those two photos were taken on a little event called Photowalk X VLND what was basically an event for photographers to discover some new interesting places in Viljandi (my hometown), take cool interesting photos of each other (or someone doing their magic) and to, also, get to know other photographers around this area. I had so much fun, and to be honest I got more comfortable shooting in public. In a sense that I get super self-conscious when I am photographing something/someone and when people are around. But I got over myself there haha. | 22.07.17 |


At a family picnic, holding my little baby cousin. She is the most adorable little one, but also the sassiest one haha. She’s such a princess.
For me, family is everything. And just sitting down in a quiet little place near the woods and a lake was just perfect. I got to spend time with relatives I hadn’t seen for a little while and it was so good to just spend some quality time with them. | 30.07.17 |

All taken on my latest Erasmus+ project in Laidze, Latvia.

First photo. On Latvian night where the people showed us old Latvian traditions. Which one of them was to put honey in a fire. On the second photo there is our favorite cat from the trip – we named him Simba – who always followed us around.

The third and fourth photo are taken in the first official day of the project during/between some bonding games with some awesome people from the estonian team. 🙂 | 06.-14.08.17 |

These were taken for an article for a local online magazine VLND and I had the pleasure to photograph the IX dance and song festival for people with special needs. It was so heartwarming to see so many people full of love and joy even though the weather wasn’t on our side at all times. They danced and sang through the rain and not once complained. When I left the event I was so happy and excited that it was ME whose photos of this amazing event, were published and seen by so many people. | 26.08.17 |

So, these were some of the brightest but there were so many good ones that this would go on and on for ever. I had a really good time travelling around, spending time with some old friends but also with friends I made during my time abroad. Right at this moment, I couldn’t imagine my life without them. It was a summer full of laughter, happiness, the ups and the downs. But it was definitely a good one.

Happiness in the smallest things

I have gotten a lot of questions recently from various people about why I am so happy and smiling all the time. But the real question in my opinion would be, why are you not happy? Of course I am not some super human without any problems, I do. But even then I smile through them because if I have a bad day then why should I also ruin someone else’s by being sad or angry? Why should I make others feel bad when I do?


That’s my absolutely adorable friend Merilyn, who is exactly like me. Always smiling. 🙂

It’s also about finding happiness even from the most smallest things. If you are able to see the beauty even from let’s say, an apple. Not necessarily from the looks of it but about its sweet taste. Be happy about that. Let that erase those bad feeling go away, even for a minute. Learn to let go of some things and you will see how much better it is. Why should you worry about all the problems in the world? You shouldn’t. It’s okay to just make sure that YOU are happy. And once you do that, you can see that smiling and spreading that warmth of laughter gives you, can stuck to people.

So, what are the things I am happy about? I am happy about a lot of things but here’s just some of them (I also did a post a while back about all the things that make me happy, you can read it here).

  • the warm feeling of a sun touching my skin
  • happy people
  • friends
  • good food
  • that I am able to travel as much as I do
  • doing my makeup in the morning
  • listening to some of my favorite songs and singing along as loud as I can
  • art (in all forms – dancing, photography, drawing)
  • the smell of a freshly mowed grass
  • talking about everything and nothing with a good friend

Magic of Purple

Hello! The long waited post is finally here! I got the photos a while back actually but WordPress has been playing with me because for some reason the photos had a terrible quality each time I have tried to upload them here. And yes, They look absolutely beautiful and high quality everywhere else.

But here are some of my favorite photos from my photoshoot. Enjoy and let me know what do you think of this new and totally different hairstyle!

Photographer: Ako Lehemets

Heihopsti! Ja ongi see kauaoodatud postitus teie ees! Ma sain pildid juba päris tükk aega tagasi, aga kuna mina ja WordPress pole viimasel ajal just kõige paremini läbi saanud siis oli pisike probleem – nimelt iga kord kui üritasin neid pilte siia üles panna, siis kvaliteet oli nii halb, et ma lihtsalt ei suutnud veenda ennast neid üles panema. Ning jah, pildid on muidu super kvaliteediga nii et viga peab kuskil siin leiduma. Iseasi, aga kus siis ikkagi täpsemalt.

Igastahes, siin on siis mõned minu lemmikud pildid, mis nädala eest tehtud said. Anna teada kuidas pildid meeldivad ning ka mis arvad sellest uuest ja totaalselt teistsugusest soengust!

Fotograaf: Ako Lehemets


Changing from blonde & long

Hello again! I promise that over the summer I will try and keep up the consistency because right now  it’s.. well, let’s just say that it could be a lot more better.

Anyway, I am not sure how many of you follow me on my Instagram (but if not, then hello, what are you even doing with your life?? haha just kidding :D) then you might have seen a little change from my story. As it’s not really a secret then I am going to say it out loud – I cut my hair (again) and colored it purple-brownish (can’t wait until you see the result, but there’s multiple days until the full reveal :D).

So for that, I went for a little shoot with my babe before I changed my hair on the 26th June, because well, simply said, I didn’t have many photos of myself. Last ones were taken in December (that I reaaallly loved). So it was about time I got some new fresh shots before cutting and coloring them. And here are some of my favorites. Enjoy!

Ps! To see more photos, go and follow my Instagram. I usually post there (and to the Insta stories) everything before so you can get all the sneak peeks and news there 😉

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Tere taas! Ma luban, et üritan suve jooksul rohkem siia kirjutada ning pilte riputada, kui olen seda siiamaani teinud, kuna hetkel on see, noh.. ilusti öeldes, võiks ma endast siin rohkem märku anda. 😀

Igastahes, ma pole kidel kui paljud teist jälgivad mind ka instagrammis (kui sa seda juba ei tee siis, mida sa üldse oma eluga teed?? haha nali-nali :D), aga kes jälgivad, siis võisite juba näha story’s minu pisikest muutust. Kuna see enam sedavõrd saladus pole siis, mis mõtet on siin keerutada – mõned päevad tagasi lõikasin oma pikad blondid juuksed maha ning värvisin need lillakas pruuniks. Ma ei jõua juba oodata, kuni te näete ka uusi pilte nendega sest need näevad nii lahedad välja, ma olen ise väga rahul (kuigi mõned arvavad, et ma olen natuke hulluks läinud :D).

Kuigi kui aus olla siis pole pilte veel tegemagi läinud, aga ma olen lihtsalt ise ka juba nii elevil, plaan on minna juba neljapäeval tegema nii et ehk saab nädala lõpuks kätte ja saate siis tulemust oma kogu hiilguses näha.

Aga enne kui oma blondid kiharad maha lõikasin ning ära värvisin siis läksin ja tegin sõbrannaga veel viimased pildid pikkade juustega. Ning mõtlesin oma lemmikuid siis ka teiega jagada. Okei, aitab juba jutust, nautige! 🙂

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Best Feel Good Songs

Whenever I have to do some quite boring chores my favorite thing to do is put on some super good or energetic songs that just give the energy I need. They are my favorites to just sing along to pass time by quickly or just to have fun while doing the chores. So here’s a list of my personal 20 favorite songs of the moment that I think you will enjoy as well. 🙂

Iga kord kui ma pean tegema mingisuguseid töid kodus siis mu lemmikuks asjaks selle kõrval on panna käima mõned väga energilised või siis lihtsalt head laulud, millele kaasa laulda, et aeg kiiremini mööda läheks. Või et oleks lihtsam lõbusam neid töid teha.
Niisiis kogusin kokku oma 20 kõige lemmikumat laulu, mis ma arvan, et meeldiksid ka sulle. 🙂

  1. Shape of You – Ed Sheeran
  2. F*ck You – Lily Allen
  3. Me Too – Meghan Trainor
  4. Galway Girl – Ed Sheeran
  5. What Do I Know? – Ed Sheerean
  6. Wrapped Up – Olly Murs
  7. Sk8er Boi – Avril Lavigne
  8. Dirty Little Secret – The All-American Rejects
  9. Shut Up and Dance – WALK THE MOON
  10. Riptide – Vance Joy
  11. I’m Born To Run – American Authors
  12. The Best Damn Thing – Avril Lavigne
  13. Ex’s & Oh’s – Elle King
  14. Pretty Girl – Maggie Lindermann
  15. Most Girls – Hailee Steinfeld
  16. Bad Liar – Selena Gomez
  17. Scars To Beautiful – Alessia Cara
  18. Better Than Revenge – Taylor Swift
  19. 22 – Taylor Swift
  20. How Far I’ll Go – Alessia Cara

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Blooming Spring

As the spring is approaching, my wardrobe is getting more colorful and fun. So for today’s post I am going to show you two of my favorite outfits to wear. I got some inspiration from a brand called Adore Me (check out their instagram here!), as they are focused on embracing the beauty of women and feeling comfortable at all times. And I just have to mention that I absolutely love their activewear as it’s so beautiful and can make any girl feel instantly better about themselves (because they have a wide range of sizes so everyone should find something for them). But to keep in that I live in a place where even during the summer snows sometimes then I just wore longer jeans but both of these look really good also with shorts or a skater skirt.

Nüüd kui kevad hakkab lõpuks kohale jõudma ning ilmad muutuvad soojemaks siis muutub ka minu garderoob palju värvilisemaks ja lõbusamaks. Niiet tänases postituses tahan teile näidata oma kahte lemmikumat riietust, mida kanda. Kuna eesti ilm muutub iga minutiga ja isegi suvel võib hakata lund sadama, siis puhtalt enda tervise pärast otsustasin mõlema puhul kasutada samu teksaseid, kuid mõlemad sobivad väga hästi kokku ka lühikeste pükste või skater-stiilis seelikuga.



And to tie both looks together I just did a really simple and natural makeup look and also decided to braid my hair into 7-8 smaller braids the night before to get these nice sort of like beach waves.

Ja selleks, et mõlemad look‘id nn rohkem kokku panna siis tegin juurde ja väga-väga lihtsa ja loomuliku meigi. Ning juustesse otsustasin eelmisel õhtul punuda 7-8 pisemat patsi, et saavutada selline nn. rannaloki väljanägamine.


Life as a dancer

Dance. It’s something that has had a huge impact on my life yet I haven’t talked about it much in here. But I think it’s finally time to talk more about it.

Those who know me, know that I have been involved with dance since I was a little girl. I started with gymnastics, went on to learn more about show dance and ended up with street dance. They all made an impact on me and made me the way I am. It has taught me to be more patient, to work hard for what I want and to dream big.

It formed my personality and it has made me more confident. Because it takes a lot of confidence to step up on that stage, perform, show your emotions and give your absolute everything. Just before I get up on that stage, I feel major jiggles on my stomach but it makes me feel alive.

But when the room goes dark and just seconds before the music starts, I feel the spotlight, I feel that all the hours I have spent practising and working for that one moment, that it was all worth it. That all the pain and the tears were worth it in the end. And you can’t imagine how all this happiness bursts out and the tears and shakes start to happen when you get the result you have hoped for so long. It feels unreal. It feels like it isn’t even happening to me.

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Tants. Miski, mis mõjutab mu elu suurel hulgal, kuid millest pole siin peaaegu et üldse rääkinud. Aga viimaks on aeg, või mis te arvate?

Need, kes mind isiklikult tunnevad, teavad, et ma olen tanntsimisega tegelenud juba väiksest saati. Alustasin küll täiesti teistsuguse stiiliga, aga unustanud ma seda sellegi poolest pole ehk siis kõigepealt hakkasin tegelema iluvõimlemisega, edasi õppisin show-tantsu ning lõpuks olen jõudnud tänavatantsuni välja. Iga periood kui tegelesin nende erinevate stiilidega erinevates stuudiotes, on jätnud oma jälje.

Need kõik on mõjutanud mu elu erinevatel aegadel ja teinud mind sellisekss nagu ma olen praegu. Need õpetasid mulle suuremat kannatlikust, töötama selle nimel mida ma tahan ja unistama suurelt. Tantsimine on mulle andunud ja õpetanud nii palju. See on andnud mulle enesekindlust, rõõmu, tahet püüelda kõrgemale ja teinud mind tugevamaks. Ja seda kõike on vaja kui sa astud lavale.

Kui sa astud sellele lavale, esitad kogu oma viimaste kuude töö selle lühikese kolme minuti jooksul, kui annad endast kõik, et teha oma suurimad unistused teoks. Ja kõigest sekundid pimeduses enne seda kui muusika mängima läheb, tunnen, et kogu see töö ja vaev oli lõpuks seda väärt. Ja kõige parem, uskumatum ja emotsionaalsem moment on see kui, saad tulemuse, mide oled nii kaua oodanud ning mille nimel tööd teinud. See on kõige uskumatum tunne maailmas.

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Snowy Days

Hello again! I know it’s been A WHILE since I last wrote anything in here but if you have been following me all over social media then you would know why I was away so long.

To cut a long-ish story shorter, I needed to take some time off to focus more on my schoolwork and also photography – it’s something that relaxes me and let’s my creative juices go wild haha. But yeah, I am super happy to be back and I though what a better way to start again is to show you what I have been up to recently so there will be TONS of photography posts coming up!

PS! If you always want to see the photos before they end up here or to keep up with my life then follow me on instagram as I am the most active there at the moment 🙂

Tervist taas! Ma tean, et on möödunud juba LIIIIGA pikk aeg, kui viimati midagi siia kirjutasin, aga kui oled mind teistel sotsiaalmeedia kontodel jälginud, siis ilmselt juba tead, miks ma eemal olin.

Lühemalt öeldes oli mul siis vaja natuke aega maha võtta, et keskenduda rohkem koolile ja fotograafiale – see on minu jaoks väga rahustav ja laseb mul olla loovam. Aga jah, ma olen super õnnelik, et saan jälle tagasi olla ning ma arvasin, et pole paremat viisi naaseda, kui näidata iga postitusega natuke rohkem, mille kallal ma olen viimasel ajal töötanud, niiet tulemas on üsnagi palju fotograafiaga seotud postitusi lähitulevikus tulemas!

PS! Kui tahad näha pilte enne kui need siia jõuavad (kui üldse jõuavad) siis ole kindel, et jälgid mind ka instagramis, kuna olen seal viimasel ajal kõige aktiivsem olnud. 🙂

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Hello 2017

It’s been almost a week since the new year started and I can’t believe that I haven’t written anything in here for so long. But the reason for that is because I needed to rest and clear my head. I was thinking about what the future holds for me but then I also realized that there is no chance for me to know that. We don’t know what the future holds for us, whether there will be great joy or the sadness that eats you from the inside out. No one can really tell what is coming so all we have left to do is to go with the flow and see where we end up.

Life is a funny thing in a sense that most of us think that we know what is coming or what they think is going to happen in their life. But usually it all goes the other way. We don’t always get what we want, we have to work hard to get it. And to top it all of, it adds more pressure, you are judged by everything you say or don’t say, do or don’t do and so on and so forth.

So what I basically wanted to say is that make this year all about you, be a little selfish sometimes. This year just forget everyone and just do whatever the heck you want, there is no chance that you can ever please everyone, believe me I know that. There will always be people who try to tear you down no matter what so don’t you ever try them to get to you, you are better than that.

Also Happy new year everyone and I hope that it will be an amazing one!

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Nüüdseks on möödunud peaegu et juba nädal sellest kui uus aasta algas ning ma ei suuda uskuda, et ma pole nii pikalt juba siia kirjutanud. Aga selle põhjuseks oli see, et ma vajasin aega puhkamiseks ja et korrastada oma mõtteid. Ma hakkasin mõtlema sellele, mis hakkab toimuma ka minu jaoks tuleval aastal, aga pean tõdema, et seda ei saa ma mitte mingil moel teada, ma ei tea mis on tulevikul minu jaoks varuks. Mitte keegi ei ole võimeline teadma seda ning seetõttu peame me lihtsalt leidma endale mugava asendi ja minema vooluga kaasa ning vaatama, mis juhtub edasi. 

Elu on üks selline naljakas asi selles mõttes, et paljud meist arvavad, et nad teavad, mis on tulekul või mis hakkab nende elus juhtuma. Aga tavaliselt lähevad asjad hoopis teistpidi. Me ei saa alati, mida me tahame, me peame selle nimel vaeva nägema. Et lisada asjadele veel ka vürtsi siis kõik inimesed meie ümber arvustavad meid selle põhjal, mida me ütleme või ei ütle, teeme või ei tee ja nii edasi.

Niiet mida ma tegelikult koge selle jutuga mõtlesin on see, et tee see aasta teistsuguseks. Unusta teised ning tee, mida just sina tahad, ükskõik mis see ka poleks. Ole vahelduseks isekas ja ole sina ise. Ära lase teiste arvamustel ennast muusta või su tuju halvaks teha, sest usu mind kui ma ütlen, et vahet pole mida sa ka teeks, seal on alati olemas inimesi, kes sind kritiseerivad isegi kui selleks pole otsest põhjust. Ära lase nende sõnadel või tegudel mõjutada ennast, sa oled siis juba selle võrra neist parem inimene.

Ja imelist uut aastat teile kõigile ning ma loodan, et see tuleb super!

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What if everything keeps going wrong?

I think everyone has had the bad days – the days when you just feel like everything goes wrong no matter what and you are just stuck and waiting for the day to finally over.

I can honestly say that I have had quite a few days like this, especially recently. It just feels like I try too hard to make things good but it ends up not being that. And because of that I also haven’t felt quite like myself, like I am disconnected from everyone and everything. It seems a little strange but it’s just that. I feel like I am sitting on the sidelines while everything else just keeps moving forward. So what to do? How do connect with your inner self again and find peace?

All I can say that there is no easy solution, no easy fixes. You just have to let go of everything that bothers you to be happier again. It’s not easy because sometimes you don’t even know what exactly bothers you so (obviously) it’s hard to let go.
You have to take some time off of the life around you and do what makes you happy. For me it’s lighting some candles and cuddling up with a good book to distract me. Oh and taking a hot bath and watching a movie is also something that relaxes me although I don’t do that nearly enough.

What are your tips & tricks to make peace with your inner self?

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Ma arvan, et kõigil on halbu päevi – päevi, kus sa tunned, et ükskõik mida sa ka ei teeks, kõik läheb ikka valesti ja seejärel lihtsalt ootad, et saabuks õhtu, et magama minna ja see kohutav päev lõpuks seljataha jätta.

Mul on olnud just viimasel ajal väga palju selliseid päevi. Kõik lihtsalt läheb valesti ja ma ei oska kuidagi seda parandada, sest isegi kui üritan teen lihtsalt kõik hullemaks. Niiet parem on kõik rahule jätta. Ning selle tõttu ma pole tundnud nagu ma oleks mina ise, nagu ma oleks oma kehast eemal ning vaatan kõike juhtuvalt kõrvalt ja imestan, miks asjad on nii nagu nad on. Niisiis, mida teha? Kuidas sa lood selle ühenduse oma sisemise minaga ja leiad rahu? (jah, ma mõistan, et see jutt võib kõlada väga hipilikult, aga las ta jääb.. :D)

Ma saan vaid öelda, et sellele pole mingit imekiiret ja lihtsalt lahendust. Kuid kõige tähtsam sellise olukorra juures on lihtsalt lahti lasta kõigest, mis sind vaevab. Ning loomulikult on parimaks ravimiks alati ka nende asjade tegemine, mis sulle meeldib või siis rahustavad sind. Minu jaoks on sellised tegevused näiteks küünlate süütamine ning seejärel tekkide alla pugemine ja matta ennast mõnda heasse raamatusse. Ja loomulikult pole mitte midagi lõõgastavamat kui teha üks hea kuum vann ja panna mängima mõni mõnus film.

Millised on sinu nipid, et saavutada rahu oma sisemise minaga?

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