Found my perfect lash match?

I know that I am not the only girl who feels extra fabulous and confident when wearing some form of fake lashes. They don’t look like much but when you see that enhanced version of yourself then how can you not feel like you are on top of the world? I don’t know about you but I know that I do when I have fake lashes on. But if you wear the ones that are too long, look too fake or are so heavy that they pull your eyes down then they usually have the opposite effect to what you desire.

I am not new to the whole fake lashes world. I first started using them when I was about 12 or 13 and it was a must for dance competitions. So I learned pretty young how to apply them but unfortunately for me, I didn’t use the most beautiful ones. You know that stage makeup is never that beautiful in real life. It looks fake and way too much for a young girl. And for heaven’s sake, the lashes that I wore back then were some cheap ones I found and what were that heavy that they didn’t open my eyes up but made them look way smaller than they actually are.


And I also have had eyelash extensions that were put on in a salon and they looked so bomb but honestly, I am not a fan of these. First of all, I can’t wear eyeliner if I want them to last for a while (aka about a month max) so that’s a problem for me. Ya know that your gal likes her eyeliner 😀 And the second problem is that they don’t last very long unless you go back to the salon after every two weeks or so. And that’s a little too much effort haha, I am a simple girl.

But I have found another solution for myself. And that is fake glue-on lashes. Quite easy to apply and when I feel like I don’t want to wear them anymore, you can easily just take them off, clean the lashes and put them back in the box and wear again whenever I feel like it.

And this is exactly what I get from my favoritefake lashes from a brand called Eylure. They are super lightweight and stay on once put on correctly. When I put these on, they lasted for a solid 8 hours and were really comfortable to wear. What is also a huge plus for me is that they look so natural and blend in beautifully with my own lashes. What both me and my friend were really surprised about was that they were a perfect match in the length department for me. This is one of the first times where I didn’t have to resize the strip of the lashes to fit for my eye – both in length of the strip and the actual lashes themselves So no complaints from me. 😀

I had such a hard time choosing which ones to buy, there are so many options to choose from. But I knew for the start that I wanted something I could wear with an everyday look but also for a night out or for a party. I think I was deciding for over a two weeks which ones to take because I can be the most indecisive person. But in the end, I couldn’t be more happy with the pair I did decided to get.

The lashes that I got for myself are Eylure Volume lashes No. 101. As the description says on the box they are a full, shorter length lash that really opens up the eye. And they really do what it says which is a lot more than what I can say to some other brand’s lashes so that’s impressive.

I liked to wear these with a quite simple makeup look to keep it simple and more focused on the eyes as I didn’t want to look too over-the-top. But in my opinion these lashes would look absolutely amazing with any kind of makeup look that you decide to wear. As I did say, these are perfect for any occasion.
Ps. these would look absolutely bomb with some winged liner 😉

* This is a sponsored post by Eylure but all opinions are 100% honest and mine.



What’s in my everyday makeup bag + makeup routine

I am such a curious person and I love to see what other people have in their makeup bag and what are their everyday essentials. So I thought that why not show and talk a bit about my go to products with you so if you are a curious little peanut like me, then you are in a right place! 🙂

Ma olen hĂ€sti uudishimulik inimene ja mulle meeldib nĂ€ha ja teada saada, mis meigitooteid keegi kasutab ja milline on nende igapĂ€eva rutiin. Niiet otsustasin siis ka enda omad kirja panna niiet kui sa oled selline nagu mina siis see on Ă”ige postitus just sulle! 🙂



I am not going in details about how I prep my face because I talked about it more in this post so if you want to know about it then go ahead and check it out!

For my base I don’t do anything too complicated as I prefer to sleep that extra 10-15 minutes instead of doing the full glam makeup so I have been keeping it real simple recently. I start of with Bourjois Radiance Reveal concealer. I have two different shades as I accidentally bought a slightly darker color a few weeks ago but thankfully the summer is coming and since I was on a holiday, it fits quite good.

So I am usually starting off with the darker shade (02 Beige), then go in with the same one but in a lighter shade (01 Ivory) and then add just a bit of the BeYu Light Reflecting concealer (in the shade 3). I added the final step because it helps to reflect a bit more and makes my undereye area appear a lot more brighter and highlighted. And to set it all in place I use the wet n wild Coverall pressed powder in the shade Fair.

Ma ei hakka minema detailidesse selle kohta, kuidas ma oma nÀgu igapÀevaselt nn ette valmistan meigi jaoks, kuna mÔni aeg tegin jube selle kohta postituse siin. 

MeigipÔhjaks ei tee ma igapÀevaselt mitte midagi keerulist, kuna ma eelistan magada see 10-15 minutit selle asemel, et hakata tegema midagi keerulisemat. Ma alustan Bourjois Radience Reveal peitekreemiga. Kuna ma mÔni nÀdal tagasi ostin kogemata natuke liiga tumeda siis hetkel kasutan mitu erinevat et saavutada just selline lÔpptulemus nagu ma tahan.

Nagu mainisin siis hetkel on mul kaks Bourjoisi peitekreemi ning kÔigepealt kasutan tumedamat tooni (02 Beige) ning seejÀrel lisan ka natuke heledamat (01 Ivory). SeejÀrel panen peale ka Beyu valguspeegeldavat peitekreemi (toonis nr 3), et aidata paista silmaalustel rohkem loomuliku ja sÀravamana. Ning selleks, et kÔik jÀÀks ilusti sinna kus vaja siis kasutan ka wet n wild puudrit toonis Fair.


After the base is done is continue on doing my eyes and brows (if I feel like doing anything with my eyes lol). If I do feel like doing something with my eyes then it’s usually as simple as possible. I am doing a either a slightly darker crease using the Makeup Revolution Iconic Elements palette or just a shimmery gold eye using the NYX Hot Singles eyeshadow in the shade Fancy That. And after I just whip on some mascara on both my upper and lower lashes.

After my eyes are all done I just take the Makeup Revolution palette again and use the dark brown and grey tones to fill in my brows. Oh and a little tip – if you don’t want to waste money on brow gels then just spray a little bit of hair spray on your spoolie and then just brush it through your brows and they are all set for the day.

PĂ€rast seda, kui meigipĂ”hi on valmis siis ma liigun edasi silmade ja kulmude juurde (juhul kui mul on viitsimist midagi ĂŒldse silmadega teha haha). Ning kui mul isegi jĂ€tkub vahest viitsimist midagi oma silmadega teha siis on see vĂ”imalikult lihtne.
Tavaliselt teen ma tavalise heleda pĂ”hja ning tumedama silma vĂ€lisnurga, et tuua silmi rohkem esile. Ning selleks kasutan ma ĂŒldiselt Makeup Revolution Iconic Elements paletti. VĂ”i kui tunnen et tahan rohkem sĂ€delecamat silma siis kasutan natukene ainult NYX Hot Singles lauvĂ€rvi nimega Fancy That. Ning pĂ€rast seda lisan ka natuke ripsmeduĆĄĆĄi nii ĂŒlemistele kui ka alumistele ripsmetele.

PĂ€rast seda kui silmad on tehtud siis vĂ”tan jĂ€llegi Makeu Revolution paletti ning kasutan sealt tumepruudi ja halli, et kulmud korda teha. Ja siin ka ĂŒks mu enda lemmik nipp – kui sa ei taha raha raisata mingisuguse kulmugeeli peale ja kodus on juukselakk olemas, siis vĂ”ta oma spoolie (eesti keeles peaks see olema vist kulmukamm?? aga igastahes see asi mis nĂ€eb vĂ€lja nagu ripsmeduĆĄĆĄi ots) ning lase lakki sinna peale. SeejĂ€rel lihtsalt kammi sellega kulmud lĂ€bi ja need jÀÀvad ilusti omale kohale terveks pĂ€evaks.



To highlight my little cheekbones and add that bit of sparkle I need, I put on a bit of my Colourpop Super Shock Cheek highlighter in the color Monster which I absolutely adore. If you want to read about it more then a few months ago I wrote all my thoughts up about some of the Colourpop products I ordered and you can read it here!

Selleks, et oma pisikesi pÔsesarnu rÔhutada ning lisada sest natukest sÀra, mida vajan siis ma kasuta natukene oma Colourpop Super Shock Cheek sÀrapuudrit toonis Monster, mida ma ausalt öeldes tÀiesti jumaldan. Kui tahad selle kohta rohkem teada saada siis mul on selle kohta pÔhjalikum postitus siin!


For my lips I just whip on some pretty natural pink color (like my essence lipstick in the shade 13 Love Me), the Baby Lips lip balm that also has that just a hint of color (in Cherry Me) or go a bit more bolder and fill in my lips using the essence lip liner in 06 Satin Mauve that is this really beautiful cooler toned purple.

Huulte jaoks kasutan tavaliselt tagasihoidlikumaid tooteid. Tavaliselt haaran ilusa roosa essence’i huulepulka (13 Love Me), Baby Lips huulepalsamit, millel on ka Ă”rn vĂ€rv juures (Cherry Me) vĂ”i kui tahan natuke julgemat vĂ€rvi kasutada siis kasutan ka essence huulepliiatsit (06 Satin Mauve), mis on hĂ€sti ilus kĂŒlmema tooniga lilla.


Okay, I think that this is all for today and as usual let me know if you liked the post and let’s keep the conversation going by all of you commenting on what are your go-to makeup essentials that you love and use every single day (only when you go out of course, no one uses makeup when they are just sitting at home all day right?).

Igastahes, see on tĂ€naseks kĂ”ik ning hoidke vestlust ĂŒleval öeldes, millised on sinu lemmikud meigitooted hetkel, mida armsatad ning kasutad igapĂ€evaselt.

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Beauty essentials for lazy days

I am probably not the only girl who prefers to sleep in extra 20-30 minutes instead of doing my makeup and hair in the morning. I am a lazy girl in the mornings. But so that I wouldn’t look like a total zombie on school I have figured out a quick 10 minute beauty routine for myself so I could get to school on time but still look semi-put together (if that’s even a word lol).

Ma pole ilmselt ainuke tĂŒdruk, kes eelistab pigem hommikuti 20-30 minutit lisaks magada selle asemel, et tĂ”usta ĂŒles ja sĂ€ttida ehk teha ilus ja korrlik meik ning soeng. Aga selleks, et ma ei nĂ€eks vĂ€lja nagu tĂ€ielik zombie siis ma olen enda jaoks vĂ€lja nuputanud kiire 10 minutilise meigi-soengurutiini, et ma jĂ”uaks Ă”igeks ajaks kooli ja nĂ€eksin enam-vĂ€hem vĂ€lja, nagu ma oleks tegelikult ka oma vĂ€limusega vaeva nĂ€inud.


I totally forgot to add my moisturizer but you can read all about it here. So as I mentioned I start off by applying my Lumene Basic Blue day cream before any makeup touches my face.

Ma totaalselt unustasin lisada piltidele ka oma nÀokreemi, aga kuna selle kohta on juba postitus olemas siis saad selle kohta tÀpselmalt lugeda juba siit. Igastahes enne kui grammigi meiki mu nÀgu puudutab siis kasutan ka Lumene Basic Blue pÀevast nÀokreemi.

After that I take the Bell Skin Camouflage concealer palette to cover up everything I want. I apply the green color anywhere where I have more redness and where I have any spots, and the red one goes under my eyes because it does a great job of covering up my dark circles. I actually secretly think that even when I do get to sleep in, they are there. They have settled in pretty well 😀

JÀrgmiseks vÔtan ma Bell Skin Camouflage kreemja peitekreemi paletti, et katta Àra kÔik, mida tahan. Alustuseks vÔtan rohelise vÀrvi ning panen seda igale poole, kus mul esineb rohkem punetust vÔi mittesoovitud punnide peale, et neid paremini Àra katta. JÀrgmisena vÔtan punase vÀrvi ning kasutan seda silmade all, et lahti saada tumedatest silmaalustest. 

For that extra coverage under my eyes I also apply Bonjour Radiance Reveal concealer in the shade ivory. I also put it a little over my spots and near my nose where I have a lot of redness, especially during winter-spring transitioning time.

Selleks, et saada seda lisa katvust, mida ma tunnen, et mĂ”nikord on hĂ€dasti vaja, kasutan ma Bonjour Radiance Reveal peitepulka toonis Ivory. Lisaks panen seda natuke ka punnide peale ning nina ĂŒmbrusesse, kuna sealt muutub nahk eriti punaseks sellisel ajal nagu praegu.


Next up I take my Makeup Revolution Iconic Elements eyeshadow palette and take the dark brown and the gray color to fill in my brows. I have found that these colors work a lot more for me than the actual brow colors I had just because these are more cold toned while the others were really warm ones. And I don’t like warm toned brows, they just don’t fit me.

JĂ€rgmisena vĂ”tan ma Makeup Revolution Iconic Elements lauvĂ€rvide paletti ning kasutan sealt tumepruuni ning hallikat vĂ€rvi, et tĂ€ita kergelt kulmud Ă€ra. Ma olen leidnud, et need sobivad mulle just kĂ”ige paremini, kuna neil on pigem kĂŒlmem alatoon kui samas pĂ€ris kulmuvĂ€rvidel, mida varem kasutasin oli just soojem alatoon, mis vĂ€ga ei sobinud mulle.

For my lashes I use the Maybelline the Colossal Volum’ Express mascara in black. It gives me really beautiful, thick and longer lashes that I absolutely love. I apply it on to my upper and bottom lashes to make my eyes really stand out.

Ripsmete jaoks vĂ”tan ma Maybelline the Colossal Volum’ Express musta ripsmetuĆĄĆĄi. See annab mulle ilusad, tihedamad ja pikemad ripsmed, mida ma armastan. Ma kasutan seda nii oma ĂŒlemiselt kui ka alumistel ripsmetel, kuna see toob mu silmad eriti esile.


And of course I can’ forget to moisturize my lips as well so I am using the Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me. I love how it makes my lips really soft and also gives them just a hint of color.

Ja loomulikult ei saa unustada ka oma huuli. Nendel kasutan Maybelline Baby Lips toonis Cherry Me. Mulle meeldib kuidas see teeb mu huuled samal ajal pehmeks, kuid samas annab ka neile ilusa Ôrna roosaka tooni.

Also, If I feel that I have an extra minute and feeling a bit more fancy then I like to apply Manhattan Good to Glow liquid highlighter in Satin.

Ning kui ma tunnen, et mul on mĂ”ni lisaminut aega ja tahan midagi ekstra lisada siis panen natukene ka Manhattan’i Good to Glow sĂ€rapuudrit toonis Satin pĂ”sesarnadele, et neid rohkem vĂ€lja tuua  ja panna oma nĂ€guĂŒleĂŒldiselt rohkem sĂ€rama.

Now to hair – as I am the laziest girl in the world when it comes to washing my hair so a good dry shampoo and a hair tie are my go to hair pieces. I don’t use the Batiste dry shampoo very often, only in times when it’s really needed.

NĂŒĂŒd juuste juurde – kuna ma olen vĂ€gagi laisk kui asi puudutab juuste pesemist siis ĂŒks hea kuivĆĄampoon ja patsikumm on mu parimad sĂ”brad. Ma ei kasuta Batiste kuivĆĄampooni just tihti, aga ta on alati olemas kui seda kĂ”ige hullemini vaja on.

What are your lazy day beauty essentials? | Millised on sinu laisa pÀeva lemmikud ilutooded?

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Skincare Favorites + DIY Rose Water

I have battled with acne for years by now and tried many products without any results or results that give me a skin that’s even worse than it was before. But thanks to that I have gotten to know my skin pretty well and know what it likes. First of all, my skin is pretty sensitive so many products don’t fit for me. But I just have to mention that my all time favorite makeup remover is the Garnier Micellar water for sensitive skin.

Ma olen vĂ”idelnud aknega juba pĂŒris mitu aastat ja olen proovinud hulgaliselt erinevaid tooteid, et leida just see, mis sobiks mulle. Aga just tĂ€nu sellele, et olen katsetanud nii palju erinevaid tooteid siis oled saanud teada, mis mu nahale tĂ€pselt meeldib ja mis mitte. Ja asja teeb veel raskemaks veel see, et mul on ka ĂŒsna tundlik nĂ€onahk, mis vĂ”ib mĂ”ne toote kasutamisel muutuda sĂŒgelevaks ja punaseks. Aga tahan kiiresti ka mainida, et kui ka sul on tundlik nĂ€onahk siis ma olen leidnud, et parimaks meigieemaldajaks on Garnier’i Mitselaarvesi.


I started using all of these about a month or so ago and my skin is doing pretty well compared with how it was before. But one of my new skincare favorites has to be my DIY rose water! I saw this on Instagram and I knew I just had to try it out and I am absolutely obsessed with it. I love to spay it on my face twice a day – in the morning and before going to bed. It is also great for spraying after you finish your foundation as it sets everything in place a lot more. Although be aware not to spray too much or it kind of starts to come off later.

How to DIY your own rose water?

  • Take off all the blossoms and wash them gently in normal temperature water
  • Put the blossoms into a bowl and pour hot water on top just so it covers about half of the bowl
  • Put a plate on top and let it sit about 20 minutes
  • Take a spraying bottle and pour the mixture in, you can also add some blossoms for making it look more pretty
  • That’s it!

Ma alustasin kĂ”ikide nende toodete kasutamist umbes kuu aega tagasi ja see on muutunud palju paremaks vĂ”rreldes sellega, milline see enne oli. Aga ĂŒheks mu uueks nĂ€ohooldus tooteks peab olema see isetehtud roosivesi! Ma nĂ€gin seda tĂŒkk aega tagasi Instagramis ja teadsin kohe, et ma lihtsalt pean ise ka proovima seda teha ja ma olen ausalt öeldes sellest vĂ€ga vaimustuses. Mulle meeldib seda kasutada tavaiselt kaks korda pĂ€evas – hommikul ja Ă”htul enne magama minekut. Seda sobib ka suurepĂ€raselt kasutada kui kinnitusspreina, kuna see tĂ”esti hoiab meiki paremini nĂ€o peal ja samas ka vĂ€rskendab seda. Kuigi tuleks jĂ€ljida, et seda mitte liiga palju pihustada, kuna muidu muutub nĂ€gu liiga vesiseks ja vĂ”ib meigi Ă€ra rikkuda.

Kuidas teha isetehtud roosivett?

  • Eemalda kĂ”ik Ă”ied ĂŒhelt roosilt ja pese neid Ă”rnalt keskmise temperatuuriga vee all
  • Pane pestud Ă”ied kaussi ning kalla kuuma vett peale nii palju et see tĂ€idaks Ă€ra umbes pool kausist
  • Pane taldrik kausi peale ning lase sellel umbes 20 minutit maha jahtuda
  • VĂ”ta tĂŒhi spreipudel ja kalla segu sisse, kaunistuseks vĂ”id panna ka mĂ”ned Ă”ied pudelisse
  • Ja ongi kĂ”ik!


The next product is something that is probably quite hated by many people but it works for me. It has made my skin look so much more better and a lot more softer. But I never use it during the day time, only before I go to bed as it is pretty oily so I don’t like wearing it even on weekends when I am home and on every other day I would just look like a total mess as makeup doesn’t go well with it.

JĂ€rgmine toode on ilmselt ĂŒpris vihatud mitmete inimeste poolt, aga minu naha jaoks see lihtsalt töötab. See on muutnud mu naha ĂŒldise olukorra palju paremaks, kui see oli mĂ”ni kuu tagasi, ning muudab naha ka palju pehmemaks. Kui ma ei kasuta seda kunagi pĂ€evasel ajal, kuna see jĂ€tab naha ĂŒpris “rasvaseks” siis pole see just mu lemmikuim toode, mida pĂ€eval kasutada, kuid kuna öösiti see mind ei hĂ€iri siis kasutangi seda ainult enne magama minekut.


The last but definitely not the least product what I regularly use is the LUMENE Basic Blue day cream. This is my go-to product right now as it gives the right amount of moisture to my skin, controls my olis a little bit better and as a result of these it also helps to apply my makeup pretty nicely. I have nothing but good words to say about it.

Viimaseks, aga kindlasti mitte halvemaks tooteks, mida ma igapĂ€evaselt kasutan on LUMENE Basic Blue pĂ€evakreem. See on hetkel mu go-to kreem, kuna see annab mu nahale tĂ€pselt piisava koguse niisutust, kontrollib naha rasususe taset paremini ehk ei lase mul nagu praepann pĂ€eva lĂ”puks vĂ€lja nĂ€ha ja nende tulemusena on parem ka meiki peale kanda. ÜhesĂ”naga, mul pole mitte midagi halba selle kohta öelda.

What are your favorite skincare products at the moment? | Millised on sinu hetke lemmikud nahahooldustooted?

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Mini Colourpop Haul

So, ColourPop. I have heard so many incredible things about this brand and their products. And of course I had my eye on quite a few of their products. So when in December I ordered some new bits and pieces for myself, I spent at least 2 hours picking out the right products as I new it’s going to be quite a hassle to get them (shipping + customs). After waiting almost a month I finally got my hands on these beauties.

Niisiis, ColourPop. BrĂ€nd, millest on viimasel ajal vĂ€ga palju rÀÀgitud. Niiet ilmselgelt, kuna ma armastan osta endale ĂŒha uusi meigiasju, millega ringi mĂ€ngida, siis oli mul nii mĂ”nedki asjad ikka pĂ€ris tĂŒkk aega tagasi vĂ€lja valitud. Ning kui lĂ”puks tuli kĂ€tte see pĂ€ev kui hakkasime sĂ”brannaga tellima siis veetsin ikka paar korralikku tundi arvuti taga otsides neid ainuĂ”igeid valikuid, kuna teadsin, et asjade kĂ€ttesaamiseks lĂ€heb ilmselt tĂŒkk aega (kohaletulemine + toll). Igastahes pĂ€rast peaaegu, et kuu ajast ootamist sain lĂ”puks nad kĂ€tte.

The first ones on the list of the order were, of course, ultra matte liquid lipsticks. Firstly because they are super cheap compared to others and there is a HUGE selection of colors, something for everyone.

I immediately knew that I wanted to get one darker color and one lighter one so what I ended up doing is getting this beautiful, almost like Barbie-pink, shade called Wednesday and the darker vampy, deep purple shade called More Better. I think that they both look absolutely stunning on the lips but I can say that I am going to wear the first one probably a lot more because of school (I don’t really like to wear dark lips to school).

They are extremely pigmented, one swipe is all you need. They do dry super matte pretty quickly and don’t come off easily. But after you eat and drink you can see that the color has faded from the inner part of the lip so that part you do want to freshen up during the day.

Esimesteks toodeteks minu ostunimekirjas olid siis loomulikult nende vedelad matid huulepulgad. Need on hetkel iga iluguru must-have toode viimase paari kuu jooksul ja ausalt öeldes tahtsin ka teada, mis nendes siis nii erilist on ja ega seda muud moodi teha siis ei saa ju kui katsetamise meetodil. PĂ”hjusteks, miks tahtsin just sealt endale need vedelad huulepulgad soetada on see, et hind on teistega vĂ”rreldes ikka vĂ€ga soodne ja sest seal on piisavalt suur valik igale maitsele. Juba alguses teadsin, et tahan saada ĂŒhte sellist tumedamat tooni ja ĂŒhte rohkem igapĂ€evasemat tooni, mida saaks ka koolis kanda ilma, et keegi jÀÀks jĂ”llitama.

Esimeseks on siis see rohkem igapÀevasem toon, mis on natuke nagu selline ilus Barbie-roosa vÀrv (vÔi noh, vÀhemalt minu jaoks), mille nimeks on Wednesday.
Teiseks, nagu ma juba ka mainisin, valisin sĂŒgavlilla tooni millel on ka kerge tumeroosa vĂ€rv, kui peale kanda ning selle nimeks on More Better.

Minu arvates on mĂ”lemad absoluutelt kaunid vĂ€rvid ja ka vĂ€ga hea pigmendiga ehk siis piisab kui tĂ”mbad ĂŒhe korra ĂŒle huulte ja sa oled valmis uksest vĂ€lja astuma. Need kuivavad tĂ€iesti matiks vaid paari minutiga ning ei tule ka vĂ€ga lihtsalt maha. Kui kui sĂŒĂŒa ja juua siis on selgelt nĂ€ha, et vĂ€rv on huulte sisekĂŒljelt maha kulunud niiet sel juhul peab pĂ€eva jooksul vĂ€rvi vĂ€rskendama (aga olla ettevaatlik – mida rohkem on kihte seda kuivemaks huuled tĂ”mbuvad ja ka vĂ€rv hakkab rohkem maha tulema kui kĂ€ega pihta minna).

From top to bottom – Wednesday, More Better, Dance Party, Liberty, Monster

For the next product I got this stunning eyeshadow. I am not sure how to explain the color but I will try my best. The base of the eyeshadow is matte black but has insanely beautiful purple pinkish glitter that sparkles when the light hits. It looks so stunning on the eyes but if you want to get the most out of it then I recommend using a dark color on the eyelid before and doing all the blending and that kind of stuff before and then applying it on top. Then it just shines and makes your eyes really stand out!

JĂ€rgmiseks valisin selle natuke teistmoodi lauvĂ€rvi. Ma pole kindel kuidas tĂ€pselt seda vĂ€rvi kijeldada, aga eks ma annan endast parima. LauvĂ€rvi nö alusvĂ€rviks on must matt toon, millel on sees ka imelist lillakas roosakat sĂ€delust, mis hakkab hĂ€sti ilusti sĂ€rama kui on valguse kĂ€es. See nĂ€eb tĂ€iesti hĂ€mmastav silmadel vĂ€lja, aga et saada parimat tulemust soovitan kĂ”igepealt panna silmadele tumedamat lauvĂ€rvi ja teha kogu silmameik Ă€ra, mis soovid ning siis kanda alles seda peale. Sel juhul see paistab rohkem silma kui seda lihtsalt ĂŒksina silmale kanda ning see tĂ”stab ka su silmi rohkem esile!

As I do have a weakness for a good eyeshadow then I knew I had to get at least one more because they are all inanely beautiful shades over there, I just can’t get over that!
Since I do have some matte ones and some shimmery ones, I really wanted to get one of their ultra metallic ones as they seemed so beautiful. And all I was missing from my makeup collection was this silver metallic eyeshadow called Liberty. All I am going to say that it’s so damn pigmented that all I want to do is to use that every single day for the rest of my life but I think it’s just not the best choice for natural everyday look haha.
And what I also love about it (as from my first impressions from yesterday) is that it doesn’t crease or wear off during the day, it stays where I put it (well, unless if you don’t touch it).

Kuna mul pole headest lauvĂ€rvidest kunagi kĂŒllalt siis pidin vĂ”tma ka teise ja kuna ma olen niiii palju hĂ€id asju nende kohta kuulnud siis ma lihtsalt ei suutnud vastu panna. Tavalisi ja naturaalsemad toone on mul kodus hetkel kĂŒllalt ning neid saab ka poest lihtsamalt siis tahtsin valida ka teise vĂ€rvi ĂŒsna teistsuguse ehk siis metalse hĂ”bedase tooni, mille nimeks on Liberty. Ainuke, mida selle kohta ĂŒtlen on see, et see on pagana hea pigmendiga ja kui ma saaks siis ma kannaks seda vist iga pĂ€ev. Ning mis mulle Ă”udsalt selle juures ka meeldib on see, et (vĂ€hemalt eilsest esmamuljest) see ei kulu pĂ€eva jooksul silmade pealt lihtsalt maha (vĂ€hemalt siis kui sa neid ei puutu ĂŒldse pĂ€eva jooksul) ega ei jĂ€ta laugude “kortsudesse” neid lauvĂ€rvi triipe, mida paljud odavamad lauvĂ€rvid tavaliselt teevad.

And the last but not least, I also got a highlighter (which me,my mom and my aunt are completely obsessed about) that has this beautiful lilac color called Monster. At first it seems like a white highlighter but when it hits the light… oh damn how beautiful it is!
I have never seen a color like this but I am in love with it. And I really like the texture as it is really creamy. But the negative side of it is that it’s really hard to apply it with a brush or if you do then grabbing a synthetic brush is a way to go. As of right now, this is the most gorgeous highlighter that I have owned!

Viimaseks tooteks, mille ma tellisin oli siis ikka ĂŒks imeilus highlighter‘i(mis hakkas hullult meeldima ka mu emale ja tĂ€dile), millel on selline kaunis lillakas-roosakas toon. Alguses arvasin, et see on valget vĂ€rv, kuna nii oli pildidlt nĂ€ha, aga nagu ma mainisin siis kui see on valguse kĂ€es on nĂ€ha seda sellisena nagu ta tegelikult on. Ainsaks miinuseks minu jaoks on see, et pigment on nĂ”rgemapoolne. See ilus vĂ€rv ja sĂ€ra tuleb ilusti vĂ€lja siis kui kande seda rohkem kui ĂŒks kord peale. Aga kellele meeldibki selline hĂ€sti Ă”rn sĂ€ra siis see on ideaalne nende jaoks.

Woah, this is one long-ass post but now I have all my honest opinions written down for you guys so you know the positive and negative sides of them when you are buying these products yourself.
Anyway, thank you all so much for reading and that’s all for today! Lots of hugs and kisses to you my cuties x

Vauu, kĂŒll see ikka venis pĂ€ris pikaks, aga nĂŒĂŒd on kĂ”ik mu ausad arvamused nende toodete kohta kirjas, niiet te teate millega arvestada kui ka ise ostate neid.
Igastahes, tÀnan kÔiki, kes siiamaale lugemisega jÔudisid (kuna see sai pikem kui algselt plaanisin, aga noh, mis seal parata) ja see on ka tÀnaseks kÔik. Musid-kallid teile armsakesed x

Have you tried out any of ColourPop’s products? What did you think of them?

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 Winter Lookbook 

Hey everyone! I realized that I haven’t done an outfit/lookbook post in forever so I back and have more of a wintery photos for you guys. I am loving these photos so much, they turned up super good and beautiful. Also can we take a moment to that my scarf and sweater totally match haha. I got them both over 2 years ago from Primark and I just now have realized that they have the same pattern.😃 But I still love them, they are both so cozy and just put me in the Christmas mood.

Heii! Hiljuti panin tĂ€hele, et pole vĂ€ga pikalt mingit oufit‘i moodi postitust teinud ning kuna mĂ”ni aeg tagasi kĂ€isin sĂ”brannaga pildidtmamas/filmimas panin kokku ka pisikese video ning ka mĂ”ned oma lemmikud pildid teie jaoks. Lisaks vĂ”tame hetke selleks, et mu kampsun ja sall on vĂ€ga samasugused haha. MĂ”lemad on ostetud samal ajal ehk umbes 2 aastat tagasi Primark’ist ning seetĂ”ttu juhtus ka see, et mĂ”lemad on vĂ€ga vĂ€ga sarnase mustriga 😀 Aga mulle ikkagi meeldivad mĂŒlemad, sest nad on lihtsalt niivĂ”rd armsad ning suudavad mulle alati jĂ”ulutunde anda.

What are your favorite pieces to wear when it gets cold outside?

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How To: Easy Fall Makeup Look

Hey my cuties! So today I wanted to share one of my videos with you as I really like the look I did there so I thought that instead of just writing a long description of the look and how I did it I am just going to share it in the form of the video.

Anyway I am  completely obsessed with this look, it’s so pretty and gives out these kind of fall vibes with the smoky eyes and dark berry lips . Of course I most of the time I skip the eyeliner step as in the mornings it takes me forever to get ready and I don’t need to add the pressure of making the perfect wing as well haha. Also all the products that I use in any of my videos are super affordable as I don’t have the heart to spend a ton of money on makeup, I mostly spend it on food tbh 😀

Anyway, enough of the talk, I hope you enjoy this little makeup tutorial, also check out my channel for more videos like this(and also some different ones that I love) and don’t forget to subscribe as I have a lot more fun videos coming up really really soon! Please let me know what kind of makeup looks would you like me to do next because that would help me out so much! 🙂


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Hei mu armsakesed! TĂ€na ma tahan jagada teiega ĂŒhe oma videodest, kuna mulle vĂ€ga-vĂ€ga meeldib selline look niiet mĂ”tlesin, et selle asemel, et teha ĂŒks pikk kirjeldus kuidas ma tĂ€pselt seda tegin siis siin on video, millest vĂ”ib-olla on teil lihtsam aru saada. Asi on selles, et ma olen vahepeal asjade kirjeldamises halb niiet jah.. 😀

Igastahes see on ĂŒks mu enda lemmikumaid look‘e, kuna see on nii ilus ja lihtne, aga on ka selline sĂŒgisele-talvele sobiv. Eriti annab sellele sĂŒgise tunde need kergelt suitsused silmad ja tumelillad huuled. Kui aus olla siis ilmselgelt ma igapĂ€evaselt laineriga ei hakka mĂ€ssama, kuna mul lĂ€heb niigi kaua hommikul valmis saamisega ning ei ole vaja lisada endale stressi sellega, et hakkata ka linerit tegema. Ja tahtsin ka Ă€ra mainida, et kĂ”ik tooted, mida videos kasutan on ilmselt kĂ”igile kĂ€ttesaadavad, kuna need on suhteliselt odavad. Ainult mĂ”ned asjad on pisut kallimad kuid jÀÀvad ikka sinna 20 euro piiridesse. Ma pole vĂ€ga selline, kes ostaks igasuguseid kalleid migiasju omale, kuna ma armastan sööki liialt palju ehk siis enamus mu raha kulub sellele 😀

Aga jah, aitab nĂŒĂŒd jutust. Ma loodan, et teile meeldib see pisike video ja kui meeldis kindlasti vaadake ka ĂŒle ka mu YouTube’i kanal, kuna seal on veel palju huvitavaid erinevaid videosid ja aina rohkem on tulekul! Ma tahaks ta teada, milliseid meigi look‘e te tahaksite veel Ă€ha minu poolt. 🙂

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Beauty Tips I Swear By

I admit, I am a really lazy person when it becomes to doing beauty treatments or just pampering myself. I don’t really know why but I have never really bothered to pamper myself properly. Although I do have some tips and kind of “pampering” routines I do pretty often.

So the first thing is that I use coconut oil on my skin and lips as it softens them and also moisturizes my face as it gets really dry, especially during the fall-winter transition time. Although I don’t do it everyday as it makes my pores look a lot more bigger but I do it on the weekend when I know I am not going anywhere.

I am not sure if this is really popular but it’s the one thing I do all the time during winter and that is to apply honey on my lips. And for a simple reason – it makes them super soft and keeps my lips from chipping. I do it mostly on the evening before bed – apply the honey and then go to sleep. You can see the results immediately.  But you have to do it more than once for it to actually make a real change. From doing it once you have the soft lips for a day (when it’s colder then not even that much) but adding this little step to your night routine will make a difference over the time.

As I said – I don’t usually do much so these are all my tips for today. I hope you enjoyed this short little post. Also please let me know if you like to see more shorter posts or longer ones, it would help me out a lot 🙂

What are you beauty tips you swear by?

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Ma tunnistan, et ma olen tegelikult ĂŒsna laisk, kui asi puudutab niiöelda enda hellistamist ehk siis erinevate iluhoolduste tegemisega. Ma ei tea miks, aga ma pole kunagi vĂ”tnud vaevaks neid teha. Aga mul on mĂ”ned nipid/trikid, mis turgutavad mu nahka ning mida mulle meeldib vĂ€ga teha. Eriti sellisel ajal nagu praegu on.

Esimeseks on siis see, et ma kasutan kookoseĂ”li oma nahal (ja vahest ka huultel). See teeb naha ÀÀretult pehmeks ja jĂ€tab sellise mĂ”nusa siidise tunde hiljem, kuigi alguses pealekandes on see ĂŒsnagi rasvane. Mulle meeldib seda eriti kasutada sĂŒgise-talve ajal, kuna siis muutub mu nahk kĂ”ige kuivemaks ning vajab rohkem hoolt ja hellitamist kui tavaliselt. Kuid tuleb olla ettevaatlik, et seda iga pĂ€ev mitte kasutada, kuna see teeb ka poorid suuremaks ehk siis pole just kĂ”ige parem variant igapĂ€evaseks kasutamiseks, kuid suurepĂ€rane nĂ€iteks nĂ€dalavahetusteks kui tead, et pole kuhugi vaja minna ja meiki nĂ€kku panna.

Ma pole kindel kui paljud seda teavad vĂ”i mitte, aga see on midagi, mida mulle meeldib vĂ€ga teha ehk siis panna mett huultele. Jah, just. Mett. VĂ”ib kĂ”lada natuke naljakalt, aga sellel on tegeikult vĂ€ga hea mĂ”ju – see niisutab huuli ning muudab neid pehmemaks. Ma teen seda tavaliselt Ă”htuti enne magamaminekut ehk siis enne kui magama minek panen huultele ja hoian terve öö seda peal. Hommikuks on huuled alati mĂ”nusalt pehmed ning niisutatud. Kuid et sellel oleks pikaaegsem mĂ”ju siis tuleks seda teha ĂŒsna tihedalt, sest kui harva teha siis ei mĂ”ju see nii hĂ€sti kui vĂ”iks. 

Nagu ma mainisin ka enne, siis vĂ€ga ma igasuguseid hooldusi ei tee ehk siis need olid mĂ”ned minu nipid ning see on tĂ€naseks kĂ”ik. Ma loodan, et teile meeldis selline lĂŒhem postitus. Lisaks vĂ”iksite ka teada anda, et kas tahaksite rohkem nĂ€ha lĂŒhemaid postitusi vĂ”i pikemaid? See aitaks mind tuleviku tarbeks vĂ€ga 🙂

Millised on sinu ilunipid ja trikid?

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What Kind Of World Do We Live In?

We live in a world, where people are criticised based on their appearance and if you are the kind to wear makeup you are probably being criticised about that as well. Why do we keep telling each other how we should and shouldn’t look like? Why can’t we accept ourselves the way we are? Why do we let others opinion matter so much?

I can’t tell you the answers to these questions because I simply don’t know the answer. But what I do know is that absolutely everyone has the right to be who they are and what they want to look like. That’s it. But that is just my opinion. Anyway I want to tell you a little story.

Hetkel elame me maailmas, kus inimesi arvustatakse nende vĂ€limuse pĂ”hjal ja kui sa kannad meiki siis ilmselt ka selle pĂ”hjal. Miks me ĂŒtleme ĂŒksteisele millised me peaksime ja millised me ei peaks vĂ€lja nĂ€gema? Miks me ei suuda ennast aksepteerida sellisena nagu me oleme? Miks me laseme teiste arvamusel nii palju ennast mĂ”jutada?

Kahjuks ma ei saa ma isegi nendele kĂŒsimustele vastuseid anda, kuna ma lihtsalt ei tea mis need on. IgaĂŒhel on Ă”nneks vĂ”i kahjuks oma arvamus asjadest, mida teised muuta ei saa. Aga mida ma tean on see, et absoluutselt kĂ”igil on Ă”igus olla ja vĂ€lja nĂ€he tĂ€pselt selline nagu ta ise tahab. Jutul lĂ”pp. Ja see on minu arvamus, mille taga ma olen nĂ”us seisma alati. Igastahes ma tahan teile rÀÀkida ĂŒhe pisikese loo.

One day I was just talking to a friend of mine in school when we had a little break and somehow we started talking about makeup and appearance. She told me a brief story how even her teacher stereotyped her based on her looks. She thought that my friend was stupid just because she like to wear girly clothes and makeup. And the sentence I heard next pissed me off. The teacher said to my friend after she had asked some question (about chemistry) and my friend actually know the answer the teacher said – “If I look at you, you seem like you don’t know anything but when you open you mouth you actually can say something smart”.

Ühel pĂ€eval sattusin koolis olles rÀÀkima ĂŒhe oma kaua-aegse sĂ”brannaga ja kuidagi lĂ€ks jutt meigi ja vĂ€limuse peale, ma tĂ€pselt ei mĂ€letagi kuidas, aga lĂ€ks. Ta rÀÀkis mulle lĂŒhikese loo sellest, kuidas ĂŒks tema Ă”petajatest pidas teda ĂŒheks kindlaks stereotĂŒĂŒbiks lihtsalt tema vĂ€limuse pĂ”hjal. See Ă”petaja arvas, et mu sĂ”branna oli rumal lihtsalt selle pĂ€rast, et talle meeldib kanda seelikuid-kleite ja kanda meiki. Lause mida ma jĂ€rgmisena kuulsin ajal mind lĂŒhidalt öeldes vihaseks. PĂ€rast seda kui Ă”petaja oli kĂŒsimuse esitanud talle (midagi keemiaga seotud ehk siis see juhtus keemia tunnis) ja ta teadis Ă”iget vastust siis see Ă”petaja ĂŒtles talle jĂ€rgmist – “PealtnĂ€ha ei tundu nagu sa teaks suurt midagi, aga kui suu lahti teed siis oskad ikka pĂ€ris tarka juttu ajada”.

Do you see why this made me so mad? If you are a teacher you can’t just judge someone based on what a person looks like and you definitely can’t say something like that out loud, even if you were just sarcastic. I am really against things like that because you never know why the person does something, before you don’t know the story behind their actions you can’t judge someone. This is my opinion and this is what I stand behind.

And of course don’t forget all the comments I get day-to-day – “Why do you have to wear so much makeup?”, “You look so beautiful, you don’t need makeup.” and so on. I know my reasons and I don’t have to explain myself to anyone. But I am just going to say it in here for once and for all – I wear makeup as it makes me happy. It makes me forget about my horrible skin and acne that tear down my confident every single day. It makes me smile and feeling extremely empowered. This is the way I can be the most confident version of me. And I will always do it for me and nobody else.

Kas sa mÔistad, miks see lause ajas mind vihale? Kui sa oled Ôpetaja siis sa ei saa kedagi hinnata selle pÔhjal, milline inimene vÀlja nÀeb ja sa ei tohiks seda mitte mingil juhulÔpilasele nÀkku öelda isegi siis kui see pidi olema sarkasmiga mÔeldud. Ma olen vÀga selliste asjade vastu, kuna sa ei tea teiste pÔhjuseid selle jaoks, mida ta teeb. Enne kui sa ei tea kogu lugu siis sa ei saa teist inimest arvustada. See on minu arvamus ja ma olen iga kell valmis selle taga seisma.

Ja loomulikult Ă€rme unusta kĂ”iki neid kĂŒsimusi ja kommentaare , mida ma pĂ€evast-pĂ€eva saan ehk siis “Miks ma kannan nii palju meiki igapĂ€evaselt?”, “Sul pole meiki vaja, et ilus vĂ€lja nĂ€ha.” ja nii edasi. Neid kĂŒsimusi ja kommentaare on lĂ”pmatult. Ma tean iseenda pĂ”hjuseid ja ma ei pea kunagi ennast kellegi ees pĂ”hjendama. Aga ma ĂŒtlen seda siin, et asi kĂ”igi jaoks lĂ”puks selgeks teha – ma kannan meiki, sest see teeb mind Ă”nnelikuks. See paneb mind unustama, kui kohutavalt halb nahk mul endal on, mis tirib mu enesekindlust iga pĂ€evaga alla. See paneb mind iga pĂ€ev naeratama ja ma tunnen, et mul on rohkem jĂ”udu. See on ainuke viis kuidas ma suudan olla kĂ”ige enesekindlam versioon endast. Ma teen seda alati ainult enda ja mitte kellegi teise heaks.

But I also do it because I want to fit in. I want to be noticed and not to be criticised because of my acne. I criticise myself enough and I don’t need to hear this from anybody else, I know everything all to good. I am my worst enemy. I tell myself that I am not good enough or pretty enough although I shouldn’t. I know that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself because of the things I can’t change. I wish it would be different. But this is what society has told us since we were little – to criticise ourselves and others.

I truly hope that one day we all can live in a world where we are not being judged based on our looks. I hope that one day even if you have skin conditions you can go out and nobody criticises you. But maybe I hope too much. What if humans are just not able to turn this off, to turn off that little button inside you that makes you judgmental towards yourself and others? What if we are not able to change anymore? In that case, what is the future like for us?

Aga ma teen seda ka sellepĂ€rast, sest ma tahan sisse sobituda. Ma tahan, et mind mĂ€rgatakse teistel pĂ”hjustel ja ma ei taha, et mind kritiseeritakse minu akne pĂ€rast. Ma kritiseerin iseennast juba piisavalt ja ma ei pea seda kellegi teise kĂ€est kuulma, milline ma ilma meigita vĂ€lja nĂ€en, ma tean seda juba piisavalt hĂ€sti. Ma olen enda kĂ”ige suurem vaenlane. Ma ĂŒtlen endale, et ma pole piisavalt hea ega ilus, kuigi ma ei tohiks endale nii öelda. Ma tean, et ma ei tohiks olla nii karm endaga asjade pĂ€rast, mida ma muuta ei saa. Ma soovin, et asi oleks teisiti. Aga see on see, mida ĂŒhiskond on meid Ă”petanud tegema juba vĂ€iksest peale – et me peame ennast ja teisi kritiseerima.

Ma sĂŒdamest loodan, et ĂŒhel pĂ€eval me suudame elada maailmas, kus kedai ei vÀÀrtustata ega hinnata ainult tema vĂ€limuse pĂ”hjal. Ma loodan, et ĂŒhel pĂ€eval isegi siis kui sul on nahaga probleeme, suudame vĂ€laj minna tĂ€iesti loomulikena ja mitte selle pĂ€rast halvustatud olla. Aga vĂ”ib-olla ma loodan liiga palju. Mis siis kui inimesed pole vĂ”imelised vĂ€lja lĂŒlitama seda nuppu, mis paneb meid ennast ja teisi arvustama? Mis siis kui me pole enam vĂ”imelised muutuma? Milline on sel juhul meie tulevik?

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Beauty From NYX 

Heyaa! As you know I was in Tallinn a few weeks ago and at the same time it was NYX Estonia opening day. As promised here’s the little review of the products as I have had the time to test them out properly. If you haven’t read my post from that weekend, then I am going to talk about the two products that I bought as a treat to myself.😃

Heyaa! Nagu te teate siis kĂ€isin ma mĂ”ned nĂ€dalad tagasi Tallinnas ning imelikul kombel sattus see olema samal ajal kui oli ka NYXi esimene ametlik avamine Eestis. Nagu lubatud siis siin on pisike ĂŒlevaade/arvustus toodete kohta, mille ma endale sealt soetasin. Kui sa pole juhuslikult seda postitust lugenud siis klikka siia, et nĂ€ha millest jutt kĂ€ib. 😀


The first thing that I picked up was one of their concealers as I was just running out of my previous one and wanted to try out something new and interesting. The first thing that I didn’t like about the concealer was that in the NYX stand there were no testers so I had to take a risk (and I don’t like that while buying makeup). Just to be sure I took the lightest shade available as that’s what I usually go for since I do have a really fair skintone. When it’s applied to the face it looks a bit too orange but once you blend it all up, it makes your face looking flawless. I am absolutey loving this product and definitely going to repurchage it as it is really cheap when you keep in mind what a wonderful job it does (it cost me about 7.40 euros).

Esimene toode, mille esimesena kohe vĂ€lja valisin oli ĂŒks nende peitepulkadest, mida olin ammu juba tahtnud proovida. Kohe esimene asi, mis mulle selle juures ei meeldunud oli see, et poes/letis polnud mitte ĂŒhtegi testerit peitepulkade jaoks. Ning kuna ma olen selline vĂ€ga heledanahaline siis tekib mul tavaliselt raskusi Ă”ige tooni valimisega ja testrite puudumine ei aidanud ka just otsustamisele kaasa. Aga lĂ”puks lĂ€ks kĂ€iku ikkagi kĂ”ige heledam toon, mis neil pakkuda oli. Tundus kĂ”ige sobivam silmaga vaadates, kuid pisikesi kahtlusi ikkagi selle koha pealt oli. Tahan ka Ă€ra mainida, et kui algselt peitekreemi nĂ€ole kanda siis paistab see vĂ€ga oranĆŸi vĂ€rvi, aga kui ilusti Ă€ra kĂ”ik ĂŒhtlustada siis muutub see ikka heledamaks mitte ei jÀÀ oranĆŸiks. LĂ”pptulemus on ka vĂ€ga ilus ja ei tundu nĂ€ol raske vĂ”i siis “koogine” (cakey nagu inglise keeles vĂ€ljendus on :D) ehk siis kokkuvĂ”ttes olen tootega rahul ja ilmelt ostan seda ka uuesti.


And the next product that I bought is one of their extra creamy lipstick in 505A Shiva. I got this as I really liked the color – it was kind of hot pink mixed with blue-ish purple shimmer (the shimmer shows up when it hits the light). Since I usually go for more natural pinks I though that I would swich it up a little and buy something that is fun and also shows some attidude. And that color does that for me because it is different than I am used to but I like it! The bad side of it is that it’s super creamy and wears off pretty quickly.So that means that you have to reapply it throughout the day multiple times (especially after eating and drinking :D). Since I didn’t notice that it was a super creamy one, it came to me as a little surprise but I don’t regret buying it.

Ja jĂ€rgmine toode, millest natuke rÀÀkida tahtsin on ĂŒks nende ekstra kreemjatest huulepulkadest (tooniks siis vlisin 505A Shiva). Ma ostsin selle, kuna peamiselt mulle meeldis selle huvitav vĂ€rv – tundub selline tumeroosana natuke, kuid sellel on ka sinakas-lillakas sĂ€delev vĂ€rv nagu sees, mis valgusega kokku sattudes nĂ€itab ennast. Kuna tavaliselt pöördun rohkem loomulike roosade toonide juurde, siis mĂ”tlesin proovida vahelduseks midagi muud. VĂ€rv ise on hĂ€sti sĂ€rtsakas ja peale kandes jÀÀb vĂ€ga ilus, kuid Ă”rnalt lĂ€bikumav kui ainult ĂŒks kiht peale kanda. Ainuke miinus selle juures on see, et kuna see on kreemjas huulepulk siis kulub see ĂŒsna kiiresti maha (eriti siis kui midagi sĂŒĂŒa-juua :D). Ehk siis see tĂ€hendab, et seda tuleb pĂ€eva jooksul mitu korda uuesti huultele kanda.Kuna ma poes olles ei pannud tĂ€hele, et see on kreemjas siis tuli see mulle jĂ€rgmisel pĂ€eval vĂ€ikse ĂŒllatusena, aga pole hullu – ma ikkagi ei kahetse selle ostmist.

What are your opinions on NYX products?

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How To Get The Perfect Brows

I have gotten a lot of comments on my brows lately on Instagram photos so today while I was doing my makeup for the day I thought that why not to share some of my tips and tricks that I have learned to get beautiful brows.

Kuna ma olen viimasel ajal saaud vÀga palju positiiveid kommentaare oma kulmude kohta siis tÀna lÔunal kui parasjagu omale meiki tegin siis tuli mÔte teha ka pisike postitus selle kohta kuidas ma teen oma kulme ning mis on minu pisiked trikid ja nipid, mida olen Ôppinud.

Just let a professional do your brows or you will face the fact that you have over-plucked and very thin brows. Thankfully this hasn’t happened to me as I have always let a professional do them, I have heard a lot of horror stories. The only time I pluck my own brows is when I have the shape still there but some little hairs growing around the brows that ruin everything. And even then I have to be extra careful as I don’t have the thickest brows and if I pluck out the wrong hair there will be a hole in my brow. And that isn’t even a joke. 😀

Lihtsalt lase seda teha profil, kes teab, mida ta teeb vĂ”i muidu oled sa vastas olukorraga, kus sul on liiga ĂŒlekitkutud ja peenikesed kulmud. Õnneks pole endal sellist kogemust olnud, kuna lasen need alati profil Ă€ra teha (alates Septembrist olen kĂ€inus Stina Saariku juures ja ta teeb absoluutselt suurepĂ€rast tööd :)) ja ausalt öeldes ei taha ka, et see juhtuks. Ainus kord kui kitkun is eoma kulme on siis kui need on juba natuke vĂ€lja kasvanud, aga seis pole veel pĂ€ris hull. Kuid ka siis pean ma ettevaatlik olema, kuna mul on ĂŒsna hĂ”redad kulmud ning iga pisemgi vale liigutus vĂ”ib olla selle tulemus, et mu kulmud on auklikud. Kahjuks pole see isegi nali, kuna seda on juhtunud. 😀

Tip number 2 – Choose the right color for you.
If I remember it right then you should use one or two shades darker brow color than your hair is. Since I have a little darker blonde hair, I use pretty dark brown shade. And that is because it doesn’t have that really strong color but it suits me well.

Nipp number 2 – Vali enda jaoks Ă”ige vĂ€rv.
KĂ”ige Ă”igema vĂ€rvi enda jaoks saad siis kui valid ĂŒks vĂ”i kaks tooni tumedama vĂ€rvi kui on su juuksed. Kuna ma arvestan enda juukseid suheliselt tumedaks blondiks siis kasutan tumepruuni kulmuvĂ€rvi. Ilmselt mĂ”tled, et see on ju liiga tume, kuid tegelikkuses pole kuna sellel konkreetsel vĂ€rvil, mida ma kasutan, pole vĂ€rv vĂ€ga tugev, heledam kui tundub. Niiet minu jaoks see sobib.
Ps – ma kasutan Oriflame brow color and wax trio’t.

Tip number 3 – Add wax or brow gel.
If you use just the dust-like color (that’s what I use) then you must add wax as well on top of the color. It is a total must in that case as the wax prevents the color from falling out throughout the day and it also keeps all the hair in place.

Nipp number 3 – Lisa vaha vĂ”i kulmugeeli.
VĂŒib-olla see on liiga ilmselge, aga igaks juhuks mainin ikkagi Ă€ra. Kui sa kasutad sellist nn lahtist ja kergelt tolmu-laadset toodet ehk siis mitte pliiatsit (parim seletus :D) siis kasuta kindlasti kas vaha vĂ”i geeli, et vĂ€rv pĂŒsiks terve pĂ€ev omal kohal ja ka et hoida kulmukarvu paigas.

Tip number 4 – Clean up with concealer.
After you are done with your brows and are happy with them, then also be sure to slightly go around your brows with a concealer to clean everything up and to make them look super sharp. I like to add the concealer to a small flat eyeshadow brush and then go around the brows as it’s a lot more easier to use and makes it look very clean.

Nipp number 4 – Korrasta peitepulgaga.
Kui oled oma kulmudega tĂ€iesti valmis siis viimase sammuna, et saavutada kaunid kulmud siis korrasta kogu kulmude ĂŒmber Ă€ra peitepulgaga. Ma olen leidnud, et kĂ”ige lihtsam on see siis kui vĂ”tad peitepulgalt toodet ning paned natukene seda vĂ€ikse lameda pintsli (ma kasutan lauvĂ€rvi oma selleks) otsa ning kĂ€id sellega ĂŒmber kulmu ning jĂ€rgid selle kuju. See on jĂ€tab lĂ”pus vĂ€ga korraliku ja viimistletud mulje ning nĂ€eb ĂŒldpildis ka puhtam vĂ€lja.

And boom, you are done. There isn’t that much to get the beautiful and perfect brows that you see all over Instagram as it is actually really simple to do. And also as I don’t think that I mentioned this then let the professional create the perfect brow shape for you and then just color it in the way your brows are shaped.

Anyway that’s it for today. I really hope that you enjoyed this little post and that maybe it also helped you. Be sure to follow me on my social media outlets as I have become a lot more active recently and so that you could see some bits of my everyday life. 🙂

Ja booom, sa oled valmis. Seal ei ole vĂ€ga mida keerulist saavutamaks neid ilusaid ja tĂ€iuslikke kulme, mida on nĂ€ha igalpool Instagramis, kuna seda on vĂ€ga lihtne ka ise teha. Lisaks, ma ei arva, et ma mainisin seda, aga lase profil teha ka Ă”ige kulmukuju sinu nĂ€o jaoks – usumind, ta teab alati paremini ning nĂ€eb milline nĂ€eks kĂ”ige ilusam vĂ€lja ja ka sobiks sinu nĂ€okujuga ning sealt edasi jÀÀb sul lihtsalt ise need ĂŒle vĂ€rvida ja jĂ€lgida oma kulmukuju.

Igastahes see on tĂ€naseks kĂ”ik. Ma tĂ”esti loodan, et sulle meeldis see pisike postitus ning ehk see isegi aitas pisut. Lisaks ole ka kindel, et jĂ€lgid mind sotsiaalmeedias, kuna olen viimasel eriti aktiivseks muutunud. 🙂

What are your tips to get the perfect brows?

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Baltic Session 2016 & NYX

Heyaa! So this weekend I competed in the Baltic Session 2016 Street dance competition with Dancecall (you can follow Dancecall here). It was so much fun and we all worked hard for this. Unfortunately we didn’t get into the final but it’s okay, we still did good. Since I had a little time on Saturaday after our category ended me and my friend decided to check out NYX because Saturday was its official opening in Estonia, specifically in Tallinn. I had my eye on some things at the start of the year when I found out that Nyx is coming to Estonia so of course I had in mind some things I really wanted.

As it was the opening day, many products went off the shelves very quickly, for example their setting spray. It was also on my list but oh well, you can’t always get what you want. But that doesn’t mean that I walked out empty-handed. I grabbed myself one of their HD Studio Photogenic concealer (in color Porcelain CW01) and since I have gotten really into lipsticks lately, I also picked up one of the extra creamy lipstick from the Lip Smacking Fun Colors collection. I got it in the color 505A Shiva. Anyway I am not going to talk much more about them as I am going to do a review on them really soon. 😉


The next day I was all day in Nordea concert hall where the main event aka the final, took place. I spent most of the day there and only took some food breaks. For lunch I got a delicious but a litte bit spicy taco from Cerrito Burrito which serves ‘fast casual’-style fresh Mexican food. Well if to be honest I don’t think that the food there is too spicy, you see the thing is that I don’t like spicy food at all so everything that has some stronger spicyes than I am used to. Unfortunately I had some problems during the day so I couldn’t record everything for you. But I got it all fixed after a few hours so my phone is totally okay now haha. But yeah that’s it for the talking part here today and be sure to check out my vlog (which was my first one!!!) to see all the amazing dancers and this fab competition, and let me know if you would like to see more vlogs from me! 😉

Also go and follow me on Snapchat as you can see all the sneak peeks and also some bits of my everyday life. Oh and let’s not forget a lot of photos and videos of cute animals. 🙂

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Heyaa! Niisiis see nĂ€dalavahetusel osalesin oma Dancecalli grupiga sellisel vĂ”istlusel nagu Baltic Session, mis siis on lihtsalt öeldes tĂ€navatansu vĂ”istlus (Dancecalli tegemisi saab jĂ€lgida siin). Kogu nĂ€dalavahetus oli vĂ€ga lĂ”bus ja me kĂ”ik harjutasime palju selle vĂ”istluse jaoks, kuid kahjuks finaali edasi ei saanud.  Aga noh ega seda nii palju siis oodata ka pole kui vĂ”istelda venelaste vastu. Ei hakka siin mingit stereotĂŒĂŒpi looma, aga see on suht alati nii, et vene tantsutiimid on tugevad ja panevad enamus vĂ”istlusi tavaliselt kinni.

Igastahes, kuna pĂ€rast meie kategooria lĂ”ppu oli meil paar tundi vaba aega siis otsustasime sĂ”brannaga hĂŒpata lĂ€bi ka Tallinna Kaubamajast ja tĆĄekata ĂŒle NYX’i tooted, mis olid just sellel pĂ€eval sinna esmakordselt ilmunud. Kuna see oli NYX’i ametliku avamise pĂ€ev siis olid mĂ”ned tooted ĂŒsna kiiresti lĂ€bi mĂŒĂŒdud. Nagu nĂ€iteks nende meigi kinnitussprei, millele olin ka ise juba tĂŒkk aega tagasi silma peale pannud. Aga mis seal ikka teha, kui otsas siis otsas. Aga ega see siis ei tĂ€henda, et ma sealt tĂŒhjade kĂ€tega minema kĂ”ndisin. Ma teadsin juba sinna minnes, et pean ennast ikka vĂ€ga tagasi hoidma, kuna ma armastan endale alati uusi meigiasju osta. Igastahes krabasin endale ĂŒhe HD Studio Photogenic peitepulga (CW01 Porcelain toonis) ja ĂŒhe laheda vĂ€rviga huulepulga nende Lip Smacking Fun Colors kollektsioonist (505A Shiva). Rohkem ma nendest toodetest praegu ei kirjuta, kuna ĂŒks reviewÂ ĂŒsna pea tulemas, kus rÀÀgin oma muljetest nende kohta lĂ€hemalt.


Kogu jĂ€rgmine pĂ€ev möödus minu jaoks Nordea kontserdimajas (kui loomulikult maha arvestada toidupausid :D). LĂ”unaks sĂ”in ma esimest korda ehtsat takot, mis oli ka siis Mexico stiilis tehtud. Koha nimeks oli nimelt Cerrito Burrito, mis siis serveeribki ainult ehtsa Mexico stiilis toite (nt burritod ja takod, mis tundusid pealtvaadates kĂ”ige populaarsemad). Minu jaoks oli tako tsipa vĂŒrtsikas, aga arvestades, et toidus kohu on pandud isegi natuke rohkem vĂŒrtsi kui ma tavalist harjunud olen siis on vĂ€ga paljud toidud nn tulised ja eelistan tavaliselt neid mitte sĂŒĂŒa.  Aga muidu ei saa toid kohta midagi halba öelda. Kuna kahjuks ilmnesid mĂ”ned tehnilised probleemid telefoniga pĂ€eva jooksul siis kĂ”ike ma videole ei saanud, aga siiski enamus olemas(mĂ”ne tunni jooksul sai telefoniga kĂ”ik Ă”nneks korda :D). Igastahes selle postituse lĂ”petan nĂŒĂŒd siinkohal Ă€ra ja lasen teil selle vlogi ka siis ĂŒle tĆĄekata (mis oli minu jaoks esimine kord seda teha) ja nĂ€ha kĂ”iki neid imelisi tantsijaid ja seda Ă€gedat ĂŒritust. VĂ”ite mulle ka teada anda, kas sooviksite tuleviks nĂ€ha veel vloge. 😉

Aa ja enne kui ma unustan siis lisa mind ka Snapchatis, et nĂ€ha, mis toimub nn telgitaguste taga ja millega ma ka vabal ajal  tegelen. Ja Ă€rme loomulikult unusta kĂ”iki neid snappe imearmsate loomadega. 🙂

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Pisike selfie ka siia lĂ”ppu siis 😀

YouTube Talk + Halloween

Hii! So today’s post is a little different because I want to introduce you guys to my YouTube channel and talk about it a little. Also here is my new video plus some photos of the look I created. 🙂

Okay, so as you know I created my own YouTube channel at the start of the July so I have had it for quite a while for now. I would say that my YouTube and blog are pretty much connected as I started this blog to get some courage to even start a channel. I have been really into makeup since I was young and I truly just want to share my passion for beauty with you guys and hopefully even inspire you. And that’s basically what my channel is all about as well – me trying to figure out myself and share my passions with all of you. Just as I do it in here. YouTube is just another little creative outlet for me. Both my blog and YouTube channel have inspired me to be a lot more creative, think outside the box and be the person I am. And by that I mean that I am very loud and bubbly person and some people can’t stand that or think I am fake but I am not. It’s just the way I am. And in these little places like my blog and YouTube, people love that about me. They love my overly bubbly and happy personality. And I love you because of that.

You have been so supportive all throughout this little journey of mine and have helped me to gain a lot of confidence. Because of you I became a lot more braver and done things that I maybe otherwise wouldn’t have done.

Anyway here’s my brand new video and it’s all about Halloween. If to be honest then Halloween is one of my favorite holidays even though it isn’t celebrated in Estonia. But it’s becoming my squads tradition I think haha. We had our little Halloween party last year and it was so much fun – I love dressing up as something different and have a good time with the best people. We watched a Halloween movie, played some games, ate A LOT and just had fun being together.

Soo yeah,this is my video where I show you how to do this very cool look and I think that you already have the things necessary for this look (black pencil eyeliner and some dark eyeshadows). It’s really simple but looks very cool and edgy. So I hope you enjoy it and if you do then please leave comment as well because I would love to get to know you guys a little bit more and it just simply makes my day even better! 🙂


Heii!! TĂ€nane postitus on pisut teistsugune, kuna tahan rÀÀkida natuke ome YouTube’i kanalist ning kuidas see ka seostub minu blogiga.

Niisiis ma tegin enda YouTube’i kanali juba Juuli alguses niiet pĂ€ris tĂŒkk aega tagasi juba, aga ma nĂŒĂŒd ei mĂ€leta kui palju ma sellest ka siin rÀÀkinud olen. Niiet jah, rÀÀgin natuke sellest, et ehk saate ka teada, mis pĂ”hjustel seda teha tahtsin. Nagu ma mainisin siis mu YouTube on seotud ka blogiga natuke, kuna tegelik pĂ”hjus miks ma tahtsin ĂŒldse seda blogi kirjutada oli see, et ma oleksin natuke julgem ja et ehk saaksin kunagi tulevikus enda YouTube’i kanali avada. See oli midagi, mida olin pikka aega tahtnud teha, aga asi millest puudust oli, oli julgus. Tahtsin kĂ”igepealt natuke koguda julgust siin ja vaadata, kas see oleks midagi, milleks ma ĂŒldse suuteline oleks. Ning tĂ”eline pĂ”hjus, miks ma nii blogi kui YouTube ĂŒldse tegin on see, et mul oleks enda kohake, kus saaksin olla ma mina ise ja just selle pĂ€rast inimestele meeldida – oma isiksuse. Ja ka, et mul oleks olemas koht, kus saaksin enda loovust arendada ning jagada seda ka teistega, kes on sarnastest asjadest huvitatud.

See blogi ja YouTube on mĂ”lemad minu pisikesed nurgakesed, kus saan olla ma mina ise ilma, et keegi mind kritiseeriks. Ma olen alati liiga energiline ja rÔÔmus ning mĂ”nele see ei meeldi vĂ”i arvavad, et ma niiöelda nĂ€itlen (mida ma, aga ei tee. Selline ma lihtsalt olen) ja nad peavad vajalikuks seda mĂ”nikord ka vĂ€ljendada, aga siin saan olla ma tĂ€pselt selline ja keegi ei pane seda pahaks. Ma olen ÀÀretult tĂ€nulik teile kĂ”igile, kes vĂ”tavad vaevaks jĂ€tta mĂ”ni hea kommentaar vĂ”i isegi ĂŒldse lugeda seda pisikest blogi siin ja vaadata mu videosid. 🙂

Igastahes, kuna ka halloween (mida kĂŒll Eestis ei tĂ€histata) on varsti-varsti tulekul siis tegin ka ĂŒhe pisike video, kus nĂ€itan kuidas teha sellist natuke jubeda nuku moodi meiki (vĂ”i noh midagi sinnapoole, ma ise ka pole pĂ€ris kindel kuidas seda kutsuda :D).
Ma olen seda ka varem teinud, kuid see oli eelmine aasta kui oli klassiga halloweeni-teemaline pisike istumine ja mulle vÀga meeldis seda teha niiet mÔtlesin, et nÀitaks teile kah. Lihtsalt juhuks kui siin on veel keegi, kellele meeldib halloweeni tÀhistada.

Mulle meeldib just see kostĂŒĂŒmide osa halloweeni juures kĂ”ige rohkem – saan ĂŒheks Ă”htuks olla teistsugune. Eelmine aasta tegime sĂ”pradega ka oma pisikese halloweenipeo (vĂ”i noh meid oli 8-9 niiet see oli vaevalt pidu, aga noh saate ju asjale pihta :D), mis oli vĂ€ga lĂ”bus – vaatasime filmi, sĂ”ime kohati isegi liiga palju, mĂ€ngisime mĂ€nge ja veetsime lihtsalt kĂ”ik koos lĂ”busalt aega samal ajal kostĂŒĂŒmides olles. Ning siin ka siis eelmainitud video ning ka mĂ”ned pildid. 🙂

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