Hi! I am Greete, 17 year old girl from a small country and even smaller city.
I am a photographer, an artist and a dreamer. The sky has never been able to limit my imagination and dreams.

I am really passionate about makeup as it is the simplest way for me to express myself  in my everyday life and let my creativity fly high. That also means that this little blog here is mainly about that.

Besides beauty topics I also share my another passion which is photography. I believe that this is the thing for me. I can connect to people, make them happy but also leave a little piece of myself in the world.

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Here are a few quick facts about me:

  1. I am a huge dog lover, so no better way feeling happy than playing with dogs or just cuddling them is amazing as well.
  2. I believe that every one of us has a purpose for being here, existing, but it’s our job to find out why or what is the purpose exactly.
  3. In real life I am actually such a homebody and a booknerd – I love books from 18th to 21st century. They all have their own unique story to tell.

If you have any thoughts when reading any of the posts then please do write a comment to start a conversation – it’s somethings that we actually need to understand other people and their perspective on subjects.

Big hugs & lots of love, Greete

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