Blooming Spring

As the spring is approaching, my wardrobe is getting more colorful and fun. So for today’s post I am going to show you two of my favorite outfits to wear. I got some inspiration from a brand called Adore Me (check out their instagram here!), as they are focused on embracing the beauty of women and feeling comfortable at all times. And I just have to mention that I absolutely love their activewear as it’s so beautiful and can make any girl feel instantly better about themselves (because they have a wide range of sizes so everyone should find something for them). But to keep in that I live in a place where even during the summer snows sometimes then I just wore longer jeans but both of these look really good also with shorts or a skater skirt.

Nüüd kui kevad hakkab lõpuks kohale jõudma ning ilmad muutuvad soojemaks siis muutub ka minu garderoob palju värvilisemaks ja lõbusamaks. Niiet tänases postituses tahan teile näidata oma kahte lemmikumat riietust, mida kanda. Kuna eesti ilm muutub iga minutiga ja isegi suvel võib hakata lund sadama, siis puhtalt enda tervise pärast otsustasin mõlema puhul kasutada samu teksaseid, kuid mõlemad sobivad väga hästi kokku ka lühikeste pükste või skater-stiilis seelikuga.



And to tie both looks together I just did a really simple and natural makeup look and also decided to braid my hair into 7-8 smaller braids the night before to get these nice sort of like beach waves.

Ja selleks, et mõlemad look‘id nn rohkem kokku panna siis tegin juurde ja väga-väga lihtsa ja loomuliku meigi. Ning juustesse otsustasin eelmisel õhtul punuda 7-8 pisemat patsi, et saavutada selline nn. rannaloki väljanägamine.



5 thoughts on “Blooming Spring

  1. Cute outfit! xoxo

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    1. Thank you so much lovely!!❤❤


  2. Adored this post greete, you look gorgeous!

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    1. Aww thank you so much for your kind words Jess!! Xx

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      1. More than welcome! xxxx

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