Before The Snow

Hey my loves! Today I am back with another photo post. Awhile back, before the snow came down, I took some photos of my friend. She wanted to get some new photos taken and I wanted to practice a lot more. So we went out for a photoshoot in a beautiful afternoon day. The weather was absolutely on our side as it was such a beautiful weather and perfect for taking photos!

Hei mu armsakesed! Täna olen ma tagasi järjekordse postitusega ning seekord tahtsin teile näidata mõnda pilti, mis said tegelikult juba tubli mitu nädalat tagasi tehtud. Täpsemalt siis kui lumi polnud veel maas ja valgust oli küllalt. Järjekordselt haarasin ühe oma sõbranna ja viisin ta pilte tegema, see oli kasulik meile mõlemale – tema tahtis saada uusi pilte ja mina natuke harjutada inimeste pildistamist. Ilm oli absoluutselt täiuslik ehk siis päike paistis soojalt peale, kuid langevad värvilised lehed ja õrn külm tuuleke, näitasid seda unistuslikku sügiseilma, mis oli täiuslik piltide tegemiseks!

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12 thoughts on “Before The Snow

  1. Beautiful photos! You are giving me winter feel 🙂


  2. Great photos! I wish I can do photoshoots more often bec I rarely have the time / chance to make to do it. 🤔


    1. Oh yeah same here actually. When I do photoshoots I usually do multiple during one day so I could have something for the future as well haha🙈😄

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  3. You take beautiful photos Greete ❤️


  4. Oh, I love your photos! Beautiful. You’re gifted for photography 🙂


    1. Awwwe thank you so much lovely!!❤️


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