Back To School – Everyday Outfit Idea #1

Hii my lovelies! I am back!! I just needed to take a little break from writing this month as I was just trying to figure out a lot of stuff in my life since many things are changing this year for me. Sometimes there are also times where I just simply run out of ideas of what to write but it’s okay. I am human and sometimes I don’t know what I exactly want. And at these moments there will be times when I will stop writing for a while because I don’t want to put out a content that I am happy with. Everyone needs a break sometimes.
But enough of that.

Anyway since the inevitable is happening and school is starting soon I thought that I would start a back to school series in here to help you guys out a little. And today I am going to show you what is my absolute favorite outfit to wear in the first month (or more like first week tho :D) aka September as it is still pretty warm in that time and I don’t have to wear sweaters or hoodies yet (it’s always cold in Estonia).

Also comment down below when are you starting school, I would really like to know how many of you are in school right now or are going soon. My school starts in September 1st. 😉

Heii! Ma olen lõpuks tagasi! Ma tahtsin see kuu võtta väikese pausi kirjutamisest kuna ma üritasin mõndasid asju välja nuputada vahepeal, kuna sel aastal on toimumas mitmeid muudatusi minu elus. Ja vahest tuleb ka ette, et pole ideid, millest siis ikkagi tahaks täpselt kirjutada ning sellistel aegadel võibki juhtuda see, et tuleb ette vähe pikemaid pause. Aga aitab sellest.

Täna ma tahtsin rääkida sellest vältimatust asjast, mis on juba üsna peagi saabumas ehk siis … trummipõrin … KOOL. Ma tean, et kool on viimane asi, millele tahaks mõelda hetkel, aga kuna ma ise alustan sellel aastal täiesti uues koolis ja isegi ootan seda siis mõtlesin, et mis siin ikka. Alustan siis oma tagasi kooli sarjaga varem kui ehk peaks, aga mis siis. Tahan ja teen. Ning esimeseks postituseks selles sarjas on siis nn lookbook ehk siis esiteks näitan enda kõige lemmikumat riietust, mis on eelkõige mugav, aga ka väga lihtne kuid armas.

Love, Greete

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Shirt – Cropp
Backpack – Cropp
Jeans & belt – Monton
Shoes – Javer



4 thoughts on “Back To School – Everyday Outfit Idea #1

  1. You’re so pretty 🙂 I love your hair!
    -Sam ( )

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  2. I adore your photos! Cute outfit! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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