ROOM DECOR: A Touch Of Creativity 

Hello my cuties and welcome to everyone who is new here! I have always been the type of person who watches all kinds of room decor videos but never does any of them. I just like to watch them. 😀 But recently I wanted to make my room more me. I want to add more of my personality to my room and since I am good at drawing and all things art then I figured that I would actually do something fun and interesting for my room.

Hei mu armsakesed ning tere tulemast kõigile teile, kes olete siin uued! 🙂
Ma olen alati olnud selline inimene, kellele meeldib vaadata igasuguseid toa kaunistamise videosid, aga kunagi ei proovi neid järgi teha. Mulle lihtsalt meeldib neid vaadata, kuna need on minu jaoks huvitavad. 😀 Aga hiljuti ma tahtsin teha enda tuba rohkem enda moodi ehk siis anda sellele natuke isikupära. Ning kuna ma olen joonistamises ning üldse kunstiga seotud asjades hea (enda arust vähemalt :D) siis mõtlesingi teha midagi lõbusat  ja huvitavat oma tuppa.

One day I was scrolling through my WeHeartIt feed and a thought popped to my head from nowhere to do this fun little art-thingy for my nightstand. So I searched for some inspiration what exactly I wanted to do. When I found the quote I wanted, I search for an empty picture frame where I could put my drawing later. I found two but since my nightstand is (mostly) white I chose the white frame.

Ühel päeval ma vaatasin igasuguseid pilte WeHeartIt-is ning järsku tuli mõte teha selline kunstiline pilt oma öökapile. 😀 Siis asusin otsima natuke inspiratsiooni, et mida siis ikka täpselt teha. Kui leidsin sobiva ütluse(?) enda jaoks, otsisin kodust pildiraame, kuna neid leidub meil alati imelikul kombel, ning leidsin lausa 2 tükki. Üks oli täiesti tavaline valge ja teine oli selline hallikas/hõbedane aga kuna sellist värvi mul toas pole siis valisin valge. Noh lihtsalt läks paremini asjadega kokku. 😀

I already had a A4 paper that was cut (more like ripped though :D) in half but what you want to do is cut it in half because it’s better to measure later but it’s a totally optional step. Next I just measured how big the paper had to be for it to fit into the frame perfectly.

Kuna mul oli juba üks A4 paber pooleks lõigatud (khm, rebitud :D) aga kui sul on tavaline paber ees siis järgmiseks sammuks olekski paber pooleks lõigata. Kuid see on täiesti valikuline samm aga minu arust on nii hiljem lihtsam mõõta ning ka lõigata sobivasse suurusesse. Järgmisena mõõtsingi siis ära kui suur peab paber olema, et see mahuks ilusti raami sisse ära.

When you have cut it the right size then just write or draw whatever on that paper. But be sure to draw it on the paper with a pencil first to know how much room you have left to do something else on there as well or how much you space you need in general.

Kui sa oled lõiganud paberi täpselt nii suureks kui sul on vaja ning siis saadki joonistada kirjutada sinna mida iganes sa tahad. Aga ole kindel, et teed kõigepealt harilikuga ette, et teada kui palju ruumi sul on ja et kõik ikka ära mahuks. 🙂

Since I did the base of the drawing with watercolor, I had to let it dry for a little while. And also since I am a little bit of perfectionist I had to paint with a wet brush through the quote so I messed up a little from the edges (whoops! :D) but it doesn’t bother me much.

Kuna ma tegin pildi põhja vesivärvidega, et jätta õrnemat ja natuke laiali hajuvat tausta siis pidin laskma sellel natuke aega kuivada. Ning kuna ma mingil põhjusel tundsin vajadust ka teksti vahel hakata märja pintsliga värvima suutsin ma muidugi ajada vildika laiali mõnest kohast aga õnneks mind need väga ei häiri. Oleks olnud väga tüüta hakata otsast peale tegema jälle 😀

(n.) A strong desire or urge to wander
or travel and explore the world.

And that’s the final result. I am really happy how it turned out and I just now realized that all the background colors I used are in my room a lot so everything matches haha. 😀

Anyway, I hoped this post and let me know in the comments if you want more room decor posts in the future as well. Or if you have some other post requests. I am always happy to hear what you like more. 🙂

Ning selline näeb see pisike kunstiprojekt välja ja kusjuures ma taipasin, et kõik värvid, mida ma taustal kasutasin, on ka mul enda toas üsnagi palju niiet kõik sobib kokku hehe. 😀

Igastahes see on tänaseks kõik ning ma loodan, et teile meeldis selline postitus ning kui tahate ka veel tulevikus näha midagi sellist siis andke kommentaarides teada. 🙂

Love, Greete

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8 thoughts on “ROOM DECOR: A Touch Of Creativity 

  1. I really love this lovely kind of DIYs, would love to see more!

    By the way, I love the fact that you translate your post into English, great idea 😉



  2. Wanderlust is such a cool word! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! I thought that it would fit me perfectly since I want to travel the world and discover new places and cultures 🙂
      Greete x


  3. I need to redecorate my room too! It’s such a mess right now 🙈
    By the way, great idea with the drawing. I’ll take it as inspiration 👍💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha my room is a total mess all the time because I am really bad (and lazy) at cleaning 😂😂
      Thank you lovely 💞😊
      Greete x


  4. That’s such a cute DIY. Thanks for sharing.

    Please visit my blog:

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow this is great idea, such a cute decor! Love me some DIY so thank your for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you and the pleasure is all mine! 🙂 I thought so too since I have wallpaper all over my room and don’t have much place to play around 😀
      Greete x


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