Finding The Perfect Dress

If any of you have read my Weekend Getaway post or follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you know that I have been looking for a graduation dress for months and I am so glad to tell you all that I finally found the one!!

I honestly couldn’t be happier with my dress and the shoes to go with it. I didn’t want something really big and sparkly, I preferred simple dress covered with lace from the start.

And I found the dress I was looking for. It is light blue and white and completely covered with lace. I am not going to show you the dress completely since I am planning to do a post where I show you everything from my graduation day starting from the morning and until the evening but you have to wait another month since it is in June 18th.

My beautiful and most comfortable pair of heels I own. I absolutely adore them.
The shop I got my dress from. 🙂
A little lunch break between shopping 😃😃
Sneak peek of my dress 😉

Are any of you graduating this year as well?

Love, Greete

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3 thoughts on “Finding The Perfect Dress

  1. EEEK! That dress looks pretty already!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s even prettier when to put it on. 😊 I fell in love the first time I tried it on.


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