White Tee

As you can see from here I have an outfit post for you guys again but this time more on a summer-y tone. I had so much fun taking the photos but it’s soo hot and bright outside and that’s the main reason I wear my sunglasses – I couldn’t open my eyes much haha 😀

White tee – Terranova
Shorts – H&M
Vest – Tally Weijl
Sunglasses – ALDO
Necklace & bracelet – Väike Ingel (a little local store in my town)
Shoes – a little boutique in my town (don’t remember the name :D)


I really hope that you liked these photos since I really liked doing them.

And also don’t forget to vote for me in Estonian Blogger Awards. Okay like I mean if you don’t want to vote for me that’s okay too but if you do then I am sending big hugs and kisses on your way 😉 🙂 You can vote in here – https://surveer.com/s/W94RS22J
Read more about it in here. 🙂

Which one of my outfit posts is your favorite so far?

xx, Greete

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5 thoughts on “White Tee

  1. You’re so pretty and these are great photos! 🙂

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  2. Lovely! I adore the necklace. 😍😍


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  3. Just love these photos. You are doing great job. Keep inspiring 🙂

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