April Goals Review

Hey everyone! As promised I am showing you guys my April goals review and I think that I am going to laugh at myself for being soo bad at completing them.

Well anyway, have a good day and enjoy my failure, haha 😃


  • Keep my closet and table clean at all times 
    Well I kept my closet pretty decent throughout the month but my table.. Can we not talk about that, haha. I always have such a mess on there and I don’t seem to get rid of the habit just yet.
  • Finish reading at least 2 books
    Okay so I finished one book that I already did a review on. But as for the other book, I have read only  1/3 of it, soo yeah 😀
  • Practise playing more guitar
    As for that, I have been taking guitar lessons over a year and a half but I stopped now because of some personal reasons.
  • Make more time for myself
    I actually did that and it felt really good. I just needed to take some time off from everything that had happened for the past 3 months but everything is okay and good now. 🙂
  • Do well on my exam
    As any of you may have seen from my Twitter, I GOT 79% OUT OF 100!!! I am so-so happy and all I have to do now is nail my interview as well. 😃
  • Work out at least 3 times a week
    I failed in that miserably haha. But I am going to lower my expectations for May since 3 times a week is too much (really not but I am just a bit lazy and always forget to work out)


  • Post more often
    I just counted that I made 10 posts in  March and only 7 in April. Obviously I have to up my game since I really like writing and communicating with you all so I promise I will up my game 😉
    But I did use my other social media platforms more sooo I think that counts, right?
  • Schedule everything better
    Hmm that one I don’t now how to put. I was better at posting in Twitter and Instagram more but as for school and blog? Not so much. I am not surprised though, whenever I schedule something then usually don’t work out anyway.
  • Gain more followers to get more exposure
    I got 9 new followers in here and 6 new ones in Bloglovin. Also I got 45 followers in Instagram (whoa, I didn’t realize that it was so many by new already) and 33 ones in Twitter. I think that’s pretty good since I am still a newbie.
    I just wanted to mention that I have 95 followers in IG and I would be over the moon happy if I could get the numbers to 115. Do you guys think that we could do that?!?
  • Upgrade my photography skills a little
    In my opinion, my photos have been a little better but at the end of the day, you guys can be the judges of that. 😉
  • Make my posts a little more interesting for you to read
    Even though I didn’t post that much I hope that my writings were interesting to read since I really enjoyed writing them.

And that’s it for today and I hope that you enjoyed this little basket of my failure haha 😀

Also I want to remind you that as of tomorrow (May 6th) you can give me your  vote for Estonian Bloggers Awards 2016. The link is here ( I am in the youth blogs category – noorukiteblogid in estonian) and I am so grateful for everyone who take the time and support me, it means the world to me. 😉

To vote just click on my URL in the youth blogs aka noorukiteblogide category. And everyone can vote once from one IP-address and the voting is open until May 31st.

What has been your worst fail when trying to get something done?

xx, Greete

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2 thoughts on “April Goals Review

  1. I just commented on Facebook but wanted to leave one here as well! I think goals are so important! I’m always striving to become a better me. Though I fall short majority of the time, it’s fun trying again! I have trouble scheduling my social medias as well! There’s just too many of them lol

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