April playlist

Since April is ending soon I thought that I would list here some of my favorite songs I have been loving and listened so much recently. Maybe you can find some new songs from here to start obsessing over, haha. Anyway here are my top 11 songs from the month of April.

+Hands To Myself – Selena Gomez

+Let Me Go – Avril Lavigne

+We Don’t Talk Anymore – Selena Gomez & Charlie Puth

+Beating Heart – Ellie Goulding (it’s also Divergent’s soundtrack so that’s a huge plus)

+Everything Has Changed – Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran

+Jealous – Labrinth

+Rythm Inside – Loic Nottet

+All I Want – Kodaline

+Wildest Dreams – Taylor Swift

+Oceans Apart – Secret Nation

+Glad You Came – The Wanted

So that’s it for today my cuties. Oh and all the songs are available on Spotify except Taylor Swift songs but there are some pretty great covers for them so no worries.

What are your favorite songs that you couldn’t stop listening in April?

xx, Greete

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7 thoughts on “April playlist

  1. I enjoyed your post you have some great content keep up the good work. I look forward to reading more from you!


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  2. For someone who feels a little out of the charts at the moment having not listened to the radio properly in months and months (I’m starting to sound old) it was great to see quite a few that I do recognise, maybe I’m not as old or as mumsy as I thought 😉
    Quite Selena Gomez aswell, she always seems to pop up when I’m running x x x

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    1. I don’t listen to radio much as well, I am so picky when it comes to music. I have my own playlists in Spotify with songs I have accidentally discovered and liked. Haha I don’t think that you are old or mumsy so don’t worry about that 😉 xx, Greete


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