Nature & human experiment

When reading this title I may sound like some mad scientist but I promise I am not. Well obviously if I am the worst in physics and chemistry, I would make the worst scientist ever soo yeah, that’s not gonna work.

But where I wanted to get with this is that it’s actually connected to art, to my drawings. To be honest I have never put up any of the pictures I have made anywhere so you guys are the first one to see them (well except that some close friends and family have seen them but still 😀 ).

Also I thought that I would write a little bit how I even started to draw and what role it plays in my everyday life.

 Okay so I have been into art since I was just a little girl and I went to my local art school when I was about 6 or 7 years old.

Drawing and art in general have always been a big part of me, it has given me the opportunity to show everyone who I am and give them a little part of me. These little pieces that I give away in each work I do, there is a meaning behind everything and I really want to show people that if you love something but you feel like you are not good enough then it’s totally okay to just ignore that little voice in your head.

This little voice is the only thing that can keep you away from the things you dream of and it’s better for you to ignore and not to listen that voice. Always remember that and I promise you that if you really put your mind into something then you can do it no matter what.

I listened that voice when I was younger and I sometimes still do but I really try not to since it’s not good for me. But drawing is good for me and it makes me happy the way nothing else does. Art is my calling.

It’s also something that I love to do most in this world and it gives me a peaceful state of mind, my art defines me. It’s the easiest way to explain that.


It’s the best photo of a human that I have ever drawn. #proud 

Also sorry that the quality of the photos is not very good but I think that we can get through it, right? 🙂

Just one thing before you leave. Have you noticed that I have made my blog also an official Facebook page?

Anyway now you can go and like that to get all the updates and news. And don’t forget to follow me in Instagram and Twitter as well. 😉

What do you think of my drawings and which one do you like the best?

xx, Greete

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