Phases every makeup lover goes through when having to remove their makeup

I have thought about this a lot since, well I am that person. I don’t want to take off my makeup, especially when I look super pretty and glammed up. It is always hard watching all of that beauty and work taken off but we all know that even princesses have to do it every single day. But that doesn’t make that any less easier, though.

Oh damn, my makeup looked so perfect today. Thankfully I took a few photos as well.
Totally worth the time I spent doing it. *#no regrets*

Hmm it’s getting pretty late and I really should go to sleep now.
But wait! Then I have to remove this beautifully perfected makeup I spent so long doing. But I also want to go to bed like at this second. Okay, I can stay up for a little while more.
I can just take some photos to pass the time. 🙂

Okay, wow, I just spent like a half of hour taking selfies. I think that I have some kind of obsession but well, who cares, right? *takes more selfies*

WHOA!? Where the hell has the time gone?? I should really take off my makeup now. Yeah, I think that’s a smart idea. Oh yeah it is, so proud of myself for doing this right now.

*smiles and takes a mental note to stop obsessing over makeup*

I am just gonna take some pads and my makeup remover and then just sit down in front of my mirror and take it off. And then I am definitely going to bed. Yup, that’s what I am going to do.


Photo from WeHeartIt

I am just going to take all of this beauty away. But.. But I DON’T WANT TO DO THAT!!! Can’t I just go to bed with my makeup on and wake up like every princess in every cartoon (like Cinderella or Rapunzel), they look so perfect all the time.

MUST.STAY.AWAKE. But I a soo tired. I just want to sleep. Like right now and then just sleep 2 weeks in a row. Oh wow, would that be possible?
But really, I have to be strong now and remove all of that. Well that’s going to take some time now, isn’t it?? *about to burst into tears*

Okay, I can do this, right? And here we go.. *takes about 5 minutes to clean my face*
So I did it. I didn’t think that I could actually do that. *is proud of herself*
I should probably go to sleep finally, yeah good idea.


So today’s post was a little different but it’s just me every. single. night. No kidding, honestly. But anyway I hope you liked today’s post and if you did then be sure to leave a comment, like and a follow. And sharing wouldn’t hurt anyone now would it 😀

Is anyone else like that or is it just me?

xx, Greete

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