Weekend getaway

Those who follow me in twitter and instagram know that I was in Tallinn for the weekend. Btw Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia. 😉

The main reason why I went there was that I really need to find a graduation dress. And the city I live in is pretty small and doesn’t have many stores.

But as always, I didn’t find one. But as usually, when you’re going to find a certain thing, you can’t find the right one anywhere. And well that’s what happened to me.

But I happened to go to Tallinn when the Tallinn Music Week was so I just went out with couple of friends and went to different kinds of concerts. It was so good to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in a long time and meet new people.

I ended the evening in a cafe with an old friend of mine and some new ones I met just hours before. We just played cards, talked and drank some hot chocolate (well I did, they didn’t 😀 ). I was a perfect way to end a day. And here are some photos I took over to weekend 🙂

That’s my hometown 😀

On my way to Tallinn. Love to take photos of nature, they are always so gorgeous and amazing.


In Sinsay, one of my new favorite places to shop.

Just chilling in Tallinn Music week and listening to good music with some friends.

The bus looked so cool and artsy so I just had to take a quick photo.

Love the color of this bike. And it looks so cool and kind of old-fashion.

It was such a good hot chocolate in a little coffee shop. Plus it looked super cute 🙂

I hope you guys like today’s post and if you do then be sure to comment, like, follow and share my blog with your friends. 😉

What do you like to do on a weekend getaway?

xx, Greete


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