Get the look: Mona Vanderwaal

Since I am a huge Pretty Little Liars fan then I wanted to try out Mona’s makeup look.

I have thought of it before but I haven’t actually got around and done it yet.
Also I like Mona’s character but she is so mysterious in season 6 and I can’t predict whether her intentions are good or bad but let me know what you guys think, I would love to hear your thoughts. 😉
(BTW the makeup look is made after this photo)

Okay, since half of the day is over, I had on a little makeup what I wore to school. This is the before picture so you can see that I wasn’t wearing much makeup before.


Okay, so for this makeup look I used 10 different makeup products: Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation, Misslyn concealer, Maybelline mattifying powder, Essence mosaic compact powder and lipliner, Evelin Cosmetics mascara and eyeliner, Oriflame eyeshadow, MIYO eyeshadow, Bellaoggi eyebrow pencil.


Firstly I refreshed my foundation and concealer a little bit (read my review about the products here). Then I just applied Maybelline mattifying powder to my whole face and Essence compact powder to right under my cheekbone to define my cheeks a little. The next step was filling in my brows more and giving them a beautiful shape.

Then I started doing my eyes – firstly I applied Oriflame’s silver eyeshadow all over my eyelids and then just a touch of MIYO sparkling eyeshadow. Since the color was still too light for me, I used my black eye liner as an eyeshadow. I just put a little bit of the liner on to my lids and then just evenly rubbed it around so I would get a darker color like Mona usually has.

When I was finally happy with the color, I just made little wings to my both eyes to define them a little. And then it was time for the Essence lipliner in color 15 Honey Berry. I was a little bit too purple for me so I just added a bit of lipbalm to make my lips softer and then pressed my lips together on a napkin and that easily I got rid of the too-much-color problem.

Haha, kind of a funny story happened when I did my makeup. Okay so I started taking the final photos and it seemed like something was missing and I couldn’t quite figure out what it was.

And then it hit me why my photos looked kind of weird – I had forgotten to apply mascara. Like I had photos all taken when I already realised it so I had to do new ones, so yeah, that happened.

And this is the final look. I hope you enjoyed it and got some new ideas how to do your makeup or just some easy tricks I use daily.




If any of you also tries this look out then be sure to put it up on instagram or twitter and tag me, I would love to see this look on you guys as well 😉

What post would you like to see next?

xoxo, Greete

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4 thoughts on “Get the look: Mona Vanderwaal

  1. I really like how you recreated the look! I think I might have to try it because it’s definitely something I would wear.


    1. Aww thank you so much! Tag me on the photo in Instagram if do recreate the look, I would love to see how you do it!❤️


  2. You did a great job of recreating her style and you look awesome in a smokey eye!

    Liked by 1 person

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